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  1. I have some 45mm dcoe webers for sale. Offers. They have been rebuilt and came off running 4age. They are on a big port manifold. OFFERS
  2. Take it into a mechanic if you haven't tuned a carburetor before. Would cost bugger all and at least you no it's been done properly.
  3. Finally got the engine in the car. Have been thinking alot on what induction set up i want to run. I've finally decided i'm going to run R1 motorbike carbs. The reason for it is they are cheap, don't need to do all the wireing that comes with injection and the look and sound bloody cool. Later on i'll be getting hi comp pistons and some decent cams. The way i will mount the carbs is to buy a 4age big port side draught manifold and then adapt it for the R1 carbs. Hopefully it will go alright! i picked up the r1 carbs last night for 300 nzd.
  4. you can get acl pistons from repco for 4k's. they shouldn't be t bad. they're 500 nzd.
  5. My big port has around 180 on all 4. 140 seems low.
  6. Did you have much trouble fitting the ae86 front bumber. Looks good.
  7. t50 is behind a 4age red top and it's going in a 2 door ke70
  8. Read some stuff on club k about doing it. Not sure about it though. Seems abit cheap.
  9. Howsit. Wondering if anyone has done a cable clutch conversion on a t50? Or should i do a hydro conversion. Would like to see what the pro's and con's are as i would rather have cable clutch (save time and money).
  10. Engine going in tomorrow!
  11. just done a quick search and heres a link to a twin turbo 4age! twins
  12. Twin turbo 4age? Haven't seen one of them before. 7agte would be siiiiiiiiiiick.
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