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  1. Damn this must be one of the best looking grill and lights for the Ke70
  2. So first week using the car , only have had to push start it like 4 times ? Is a bitch to start when warm guessing plugs and battery is on the way out so you get about 4 attempts at starting it before it doesn't have enough juice. I forgot how this car rattles at 120, Ive been spoilt a bit lately in terms of comfort with my Nazi land barge 528i
  3. Man racing go karts at club level is more addictive then crack so totally understandable
  4. ʞ©$ɟkkkkkkkkkkk redneckville In saying that they do some nice conversions , maybe not aesthetically appealing to me but 1uz and 2J conversions are bonkers. This country is bonkers about the 1uz similar to Aus about 10 years ago with Sr20 it went into literally every project car.
  5. Negative, they have all been rust buckets except for this one. which poped up on Friday and was officially mine by Saturday morning. Plans - Strip and drift, how do i get more power from a 4k to drift ?
  6. some more info 280k's on the chassis T50 due to South Africa's average Freeway speed is 120km/h Cost R26000 - $2600
  7. So currently residing in my home country of South Africa for a while. Of course my current demographic area will change the options of classic cars compared to Aus. But Corollas , this place has plenty ! The great thing about finding/hunting for classic cars in this country is that we have large cities inland very far from the sea's salty breeze and humidity. That is where this story beginnings in a city called Pietermaritzburg. I posted an ad on our local Gumtree looking for Corollas,Datsuns,Cressidas and boy was i offered some nice stuff, 1200Gx, Mx32's, and many many Ke70/71s but one stood out, A Red Ke70 , 1 owner from new , and paper work and I mean ALL the paperwork. The documents from day one , the fuel he filled up on day one to drive it home 100km's away and he filled up again to check fuel consumption. All the service receipts. I was shocked! He then informed me of his occupation, being document control in a local hospital which made more sense as to why everything was documented and filed neatly. This is her
  8. Ahhhhh whats going on here Is this swap done ?
  9. Been offered 800 for these this week Going to probably take it if I don't get any higher offers
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