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  1. Here is a video from the first dyno pull, from a very safe street tune 1.6bar and 420whp It was later tuned to 580whp @1.6 bar, just ignition and fuel tune. I'm running exactly 500whp right now, no need to push it with this setup.
  2. Name: Gretar Karlsson Car: Toyota Corolla KE70 1980 Motor & Driveline: 2jz with borg warner s360 @1.5bar BMW zf 6 speed gearbox, custom flywheel and clutch Hilux rear diff with 3.58 gears welded Suspension & Brakes: S13 suspension, brakes and modified knuckles up front with custom made control arms Hilux front discs at the rear modified to fit with vw rear brake calipers Hydraulic handbrake with front s13 calipers at the rear, works great. Wheels/Tyres: 15x8 up front with 195-45/15 hankook 15x10 with whatever tyres I have at the moment Interior: Full roll cage Sparco bucket seats, 6 pt harness original dashboard, everything else stripped Custom made shifter assembly Custom made hydraulic handbrake to match the shifter Body: Wide fenders custom hood scoop Build thread: http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/65915-ke70-corolla-volvo-b230fk-now-with-2jz/
  3. Well, I planned to do a little makeover on the rolla last winter because the body was really getting rusty and I really don't want to see it go any further with rust damage. Also built a full roll cage in this process. And by a complete accident put my volvo engine up for sale and sold it the same night. The plan was to buy a 1jz and squeeze it in there but, went with a 2jz instead. A borg Warner s360, 1000cc bosch injectors. And a 6 speed bmw gearbox conversion. So an accidental complete rebuild of the car was suddenly in progress. Here are a couple of pic that show the process the shifter assembly that I made for the bmw gearbox. and a sneek peak at the color the 2jz to bmw adapter kit I'm using. and a couple shots of the angle, still got a bit of travel left in my steering rack. But have to make new control arms to make room for it.
  4. as for updates, broke the volvo transmission. So I'm fabricating a 6 speed BMW ZF transmission on the back of the volvo engine. with a 6 puck copper clutch and heavy duty sachs pressure plate. Got a fairly unused Turbo from a Evo X and will be fabricating that in there also. and probably a rollcage for the season. But this thing has been stealing time from the KE70 past few months :) 2tc with t50 and twin webers 9 and 11" wheels. pretty fun making this one
  5. thanks :) I'm using s13 200sx coilovers because the front struts are from a 200sx ;) I can measure the tubes but it wouldnt help much unless you are using the same setup. And I also made the brackets on the rear axle. The way I did this, I put the coilovers in the highest position and bolted them on to the axle and mocked the rear axle under the car with wheels with room to lower it. And measured from there how long the tubes should be.
  6. Name: Gretar Car: KE30 Corolla 1977 Motor & Driveline: 2tc 1600cc, with weber twins and 5 speed transmission Suspension & Brakes: custom coilovers in the front, with shorter shocks and 10" springs 50mm blocks in the rear and shortened leaf links. still need to take one leaf out and lower it a little bit more Wheels & Tyres: front: 15x9" custom widened steelie and 185/55 tire Rear: 15x11" widened steelie with 225/50 tire Interior: omp steering wheel, the rest is stock Body: wide arches and new paint slapped on there. and a sticker Other: got tired of working on my ke70 and did this over 3 months time or so, still need a couple of tweeks to be complete. had to make the front valance from scratch, turned out ok I think
  7. mostly been driving this thing for the past weeks. Except a head gasket change, new clutch with a heavier pressure plate. Putting in the heater element. New rear wheel bearings. Making a oil catch can, and some other smaller stuff :P here are a few pics of it in action
  8. Did some more last weekend :) Put in the original front swaybar, with super pro poly bushings And also did the rest of the poly bushings front and back Whipped out the diff and put a spacer in the lsd locker. ordered 7cm wide plastic fenders and 4x114.3 to 6x139.7 adapters for the front wheels bushing porn for you weirdos who are into that..
  9. Put my new camshaft in. It has a higher lift and really makes the engine come to live after 5500rpm were it lost all it´s flow before. its a turbo camshaft from ipdusa. here you can see the difference on the new and old cam also put in a new distributor and cap and some new spark plug wires Did a little buffing on the roof, hood an wing. Thinking about keeping it this way until next winter. just buff the rest of the car, what do you think ?
  10. thanks :) small updates at this point, ordered a new turbo cam and some maintainence stuff for the engine, and all poly bushings both front and rear. polished the rear wheels this weekend though ;)
  11. thanks man :) here is a really short clip of it, still only 0.7bar but the torque makes it so easy :) https://www.facebook...574185242653341
  12. Its really fun to drive, so easy to go sideways :) but I'm from Iceland ;)
  13. So.. we went out to make a few test runs and a fuel map for the car and at 5000rpm in 4th gear this happened :/ we were lucky it didn´t go all the way through. having a new stronger one made at the moment
  14. brake clutch and gas pedal ready. Made the original gas pedal fit the volvo throttle cable. This was originally automatic. Moved the fuse and relay box into the car. making finishing touches to the engine bay clutch and brakes ready and everything works as it should In the end I got this finished and registered the car handles great, still need to do some little tweaks but I´m very happy with the outcome of this build couple of pics from the 1st test of the car
  15. here is a small update. made a bracket for the e-brake and passengers seat aluminum plate for the hole in the trunk tidied up the loom in the front and removed unused wires rerouted the lighting loom made brake lines and bolted down the e-brake
  16. haha its a love hate thing at the moment, but still working on it, and still loving it a bit more then hating it :)
  17. This is going to be used primarily on street, and occational drift, 1/4 runs but primarily drift and street :)
  18. here is more ;) making room for the rear shocks a pump bracket from a Subaru RS made to fit in the wrangler tank with a 255 walbro steering rack in place, had to modify the oil pan a bit to make this work Only lost 1L of oil capacity, which was added in the front After finishing the oil pan the x-member was finished up as well No room on the right side for the exhaust so I had to cut it up a bit.. again Decided to make a side exit for the exhaust All finished up doing the intercooler piping 3,5" exhaust vs. 3" impreza downpipe Engine out to finish up the bodywork in the transmission tunnel The oil pan nice and shiny
  19. HI I'm new here but have been lurking around for some time now. This is my 1980 corolla wich I have owned for 3 years now but first started to work on about a month ago. still a working project but will hopefully finish the mechanical stuff in 2-3 weeks I'm putting in a Volvo B230FK engine and m90 transmission. With 700cc injectors and 16t volvo turbo and about 18-20psi it will be around 250+ hp All controlled with MS3 I used s13 running gear in the front but with custom made lower control arms. s13 coilovers front and rear I put a 1980 hilux rear axle and vw rear brake calipers and SSangyong musso brake discs. some pics of the process last year I had already fitted a ca18det engine and transmission, but when I took the engine apart I realized that the engine was blown. had to cut a little bit into the firewall not much room in there test fitting the engine finishing up the x member Lca´s in making AE86 tophats and a brake master from a MMC Pajero and ofcourse hydrolic handbrake refurbished s13 calipers MMC evo 8 seats radiator from a Ford transit diesel 16t turbo original from a volvo 850 T5 test fitting after making the lower brackets and with tires gas tank from a wrangler made to fit :) everything ready, just waiting for the coilovers to arrive so I can finish the rear axle in the meanwhile MS3 was connected up and it fired up and idled nicely in first try Coilovers arrived and installed in the front
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