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  1. So I bought a 1990 hilux diff not sure on what model that is but the size hub to hub is very close to the 71.
  2. The fake brides on gumtree look pretty decent has anyone used them? I would rather a more plain black seat though
  3. 4ac that came out of my ae71, have a receipt for the recond head that cost me $400 and is only 1000ks old! $200 Also have other parts including clutch ac compressor alternator starter ,brand new still in box slave cylinder for a t50 5 speed, and other bits and pieces 0431843694
  4. I'm chasing 2 front fixed back bucket seats for my ae71. I will be using the car for drift and a bit of a weekend hack. I'm in wa so if any local that would be sweet. If anyone could recommend certain brands/ models or if someone has a pair second hand in good condition! Cheers, Jay
  5. So I've started taking apart the clubby and the rolla will get the ls1 along with the t56 and the commodore brakes. Won't be a super quick build but I'm hoping to have it finished by this October for power cruise. Might have to change the name of this thread to not so daily 71 haha. If anyone is chasing commo parts hit me up 0431843694
  6. Thanks for that spencer but I'm actually picking up a vx clubsport tomorrow that a mate of mine hit a light pole in side on :/. I didn't really want to go the ls1 route but I picked it up for a good deal.
  7. Good to hear, how far away are you? I'm probably a month or 2 off. I have a fair idea but am yet to find a kit/decent step by step guide
  8. I want this front bumper and the matching rear. Can anyone tell me where I can buy them from? I'm in wa if it helps but will ship from anywhere! Thanks, Jay
  9. Nice roof racks! Keen to come check it out once you have finished the paint
  10. Sounds like the hilux diff is the way to go thanks guys, ill go take some measurements then go hunting!
  11. I've heard a lot of people on here run hilux diff's what model or size do you require to fit straight in without shortening?
  12. Haven't got a motor for it yet just want to sort out everything before hand, it will most likley be a lsx though
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