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  1. Late Model 74 Ke20 Parts For Sale

    heres a pic of the carb and manifold
  2. Late Model 74 Ke20 Parts For Sale

    THERE is ONE twin weber downdraft carb and manifold to suit. It's not the manifold for two carbs.. sorry for the dissapointment..
  3. Here we have many many Ke20 parts for sale I have a mostly rust free body which can be cut from All intereior trims some extrerior trims 3K engine twin weber carb and manifold to suit 3k, 4k dash parts if you can think of any other parts you might need, let me know and i'll see if i have them... YOU name the price cheers tom
  4. Wanted Wiper Motor For Ke20

    I have a spare wiper motor out of a 74 KE20 $30 plus postage i live in north QLD
  5. not possible to get it rady for rego it needs new interior, paint, body work and the list goes on i began to cut and chop the rear end as well to fit retro lights but it has a looong way to go sorry
  6. Owners manual also for sale make an offer BRAND NEW
  7. I Also have a brand new full gasket kit for a 3K engine bought it for 80 sell for 40 + postage
  8. the dash is no good its in two.. the bonnet strip is in good condition i think i will have to chek tomorrow and get back to you.. the lower apron has some small dents in it..but good condition, no rust and the dents are certainly repariable
  9. g'day everyone I'm in north QLD and i have a KE20 which i no longer need. i did have big plans for it but don't have the time nor the space to work on it. it is stripped down to the shell at the moment and i have ALL the parts there So if anyone wants parts, or engine (3K) or gearbox (4 speed) or anythin off a KE20 or you just want the whole car, MAKE AN OFFER cheers tom
  10. Ke30/55 Vn V6

    WOW...I was thinkin of doin this a while ago to my KE20..Thought i was dreamin of the impossible..But from seeing this, i think it might actually be an excellent, cheap source of big power
  11. Fs. Rebuilt 7k Engine

    hey is it possible to get a pic thnaks
  12. 3k What!?!??!

    YEAH where can i get that!!!!!! i have a 3K i wish it looked like that tho.. I can't even belive that
  13. Parts For Sale

    i want the seats..Would you be able to post them to cairns tho and how much? and are they in fairly good condition? i don't really care bout the covers though as i want to recover them in a different colour thanks-tommo-
  14. Fs. Rebuilt 7k Engine

    Awsome thanks for that i'll see what i can do
  15. Corolla Parts For Sale

    have you got a 1974 KE20 boot lid?