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  1. it was a brand new ecu so it didnt have any tuning done on it before had to start from scratch so i did pay a lot but i have never had a tune before so don't really know what is a normal price. i will have a chat to him when i fix the gearbox thats my main issue at the moment.
  2. i have a microtec lts10 it runs pretty shit till about 4000 then she starts to run its like hitting boost lol
  3. I'am pretty sure it's over fueling dunno why cause it only got a tune a month ago
  4. i have a standard silver top 4age 20v with qtb's and i get about 200 - 250 KM out of a tank before it starts to cough
  5. oldeskewltoy all good i don't mind some good ol' clutch porn :thumbsup:
  6. That's my plan just need more money thats the only thing holding me back
  7. That's my plan just need to save more money
  8. I just want a gearbox that doesn't wine
  9. hay all the readers out there bit of an update got the roadworthy all done just had to replace the front brake hoses, there not cheap cost about $200 for all the hoses as its a AE86 front-end there is 2 hoses to each side. Also had to put on some shitty 13's for it to pass cause the 15,s where to big and scrubbing but other then that all was good. it needed a tune as well its making 97.5HP at the rear wheels not sure what standard silver top 4AGE 20V makes. then after driving it for a bit i had someone check my gearbox as it was a bit noisy in some gears and was slipping out of 4 on deceleration old mate said it was bearings and possible 4Th gear has gone but wont know until he breaks it open just trying to save money to get it done. finely got rid of the crappy cannon just got a 2inch dump pipe they painted it black so its a bit stealthy. that's about it for know just waiting to sell my other car then i shall have money again to do more mods :rocknroll:
  10. thanks heaps littleredspirit love ya work
  11. Hay people i have a set of black steel rims 4x114.3 15x8 0 off set, they have tyres on there at the moment but iam keeping them. i would like to swap for 14" rims something old school jdm style. show me what you got. please delete if add is in the wrong place. location: sunshine coast QLD
  12. Cheers mate I have some rear coil overs from an ae86 iam trying but if they don't fit I'll let ya know
  13. Hi there people my car is getting a roadworthy and i need new rear springs it has a ae86 rear end on it so if you know of anyone that has any or anything else i can use please let me know. THanks
  14. so i have a few problems with my dash cluster first one is the RPM taco doesn't work, fuel gauge it moves a bit the tank is full but only go's to about 1/4 full then stops. not sure about the speedo as i havent driven it. it has had a 4AGE 20V conversion with a mircotech lt10s ecu also as seperate coils. if anyone has a wiring diagram that would help a lot cheers.
  15. Hi altezzaclub i will have to buy a bigger sway bar for the rear, the front is about 20mm thick and the rear would be around 10mm. the paint job looks like a spray can home job but i will prob ding it any way so iam leaving the paint as is or i might wrap it later on. as for the cannon i don't like them on small cars it makes them look cheap and they don't sound any good with a small engine. i was thinking for my exhaust if i could have 2 exhaust systems in one, one pipe would be a straight threw pipe with no cat or mufflers and the other one will have a high flow cat, muffler and hot dogs (with no cannon). both pipes will be connected to an electric actuator, it pretty much a home made xforce exhaust system. i did get a bit of change out of $4500 i was lucky. but it needs a tune and a roadworthy its all booked in to get it done on monday the 18th so hopefully it passes with flying colors.
  16. It has a little sway bar in the rear no where near the size of the front one. the previous owner said it has the diff out of MR20V AE86. Got a video of it starting it takes a bit to start cause it has been sitting for a bit needs a tune as well witch it is getting next week. I'll post it soon I am on my phone.
  17. Hay ke70dave it's already got a factory knob so I will leave it there as for the rear away bar iam not sure I no it has a panard in the rear.
  18. Hi there people my name is Dustin (Dskew3) i have just bought a 1982 Ke70 with a 4AGE 20V conversion. at the moment i am booked in to get a tune and a roadworthy so it should be on the road very soon. here's a list of what it has got 4AGE 20v quad throttle body's sard fuel regulator extractors 2 1/2 exhaust with cat and a cannon (soon to be removed as i don't like cannons) micro tech LT10-S ecu with hand control Bosch coil packs T50 gearbox with short shifter and HD exceedy clutch front strut brace AE86 front and rear conversion JDM disc brake in the rear with a 2 way LSD front coil overs with camber toppers lowered rear springs and new shocks 3 core alloy radiator with thermo fan 15x8 steelies huge front sway bar battery in the boot future plans: - check for rust (can only see a little 5c size bubble near the RHR bottom sill) - new paint ( dunno what color ) - rear Venetian blinds - new rims maybe hayashi sports - engine work cam's, timing gear, higher compression pistons, forge it plus more when i have the money to do all of this. also i have been looking at gear knobs i don't want a stupid one need something comfy for drifting something that wont get in the way any suggestions. Thanks for reading have a good. :thumbsup:
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