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  1. hi everyone KE70 always shared the engine platform with townace/liteace. that is why all the RWD engines like 1C,2C(diesel), and 4k,5k 7k ans 3S, were compatible with both TOWNACE Van and corolla 82 i.e. KE70. Normally a 2c, 7k or 3s engine mods for ke70 come from townace van family. However in 2008 there is a major change in townace shape. The new s400 series, also known as GranMax is now in market. I am wondering if the engine bay of new townace is same as pre-2008 or significantly changed? If the mounts etc are similar, the 3sz engine with gearbox can be taken from new townace and be installed into either an old townace or ke70. can you guys look into this? if possible we might have a new engine option for ke70, as RWD engines are not in abundance these days. YM
  2. any modern engines for ke70 like zz, rz, nz or else? 7K and 4age are almost impossible to find, if found , they are not in good condition and extremely expensive. any one who has done a modern engine into ke70?
  3. Normally E-series engines come with C150 transmission, and when engine is upgraded to 'A' series e.g. 4A, 5A, or 7A, the trans is also upgraded to C50 or any C5X now i have an fwd corolla with 2E (12 valve) engine,that already has C40 transmission instead of C150. Just wondering if C40 and C50 are both same with 5th gear difference like k40/K50 or completely different. if C40 can work with 4A or 5A, this will save us some cash. YM
  4. hi all How about toyota 3sz 1.5L into ke70? 3sz comes with toyota rush,terio and new litace as RWD/4wd, Complete motor alongwith origial transmission from terios/rush/litace into ke70. Easy on spare parts as parts common with 1sz and 2sz available in vitz/passo. besides, seems to be one of rare modern factory made rwd from toyota these days. Did anyone try?
  5. did any try to relocate the distributer to fit in rwd?
  6. thanks guys for the replies. i am pretty sure about conversion now, if i m able to get the right motor and accessories. mileage in normal driving was my only concern!
  7. anyone compared the 4age and 4k mileage in normal driving? ym
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