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  1. Awesome work mate, loving the wheels too 👍 Also with the recaro are you planning on getting recaro 86 rails and modding or just gonna make custom ones? I'm still tossing up for mine haha
  2. Looks awesome mate, rust repair is one of those love hate things haha. Gonna be so rewarding once its done!
  3. Almost a year on, it may be time for an update, predominantly for myself but if you happen to like it thats sweet too :) Ive been slowly working at it this summer getting it to a roadworthy state. This included: New front brakes/bearings New rear studs/bearings Wiring in wiper washers/horn Fitting a lock pin on my ignition barrel And most importantly, fixing the worst rust around the boot. Along the way theres small things too, like blackening the taillight trim: The rust itself was bogged over and quite a mission. Turns out a small crack became a big one after a little sandpaper love. But it was done, not to a state I'm completely happy with but it was roadworthy so thats what mattered. On top of this i thought i may as well buy a fresh seal, although its quality is questionable hahah. Some pics of the process: The other side had a similar issue but i didnt get pics of it haha. Once all this was sorted the elusive green rwc was all mine, done properly and without fuss. As it is, a t18 front bar is fitted, interior is getting small bits here and there, front coilovers with shortened knuckles and rear springs and shocks (sierra shocks - so if you are willing to swap for slightly longer shocks that would be swell), and starsharks fitted up with 175/60 hankooks. To do: -new balljoints for the tie rod ends (supposed to be delivered by Wednesday) -allignment -rear brackets for the t18 rear bar, along with soldering rear licence plate lights -fitting a recaro and making some rails to fit. -make or buy an adjustable panhard rod, potentially some adjustable trailing arms -and ideally, find a better rear shock spring combo. Heres some happy snaps as it is now, super stoked as it is and cannot wait to make it drive better, the front sits so much flatter than before. Its easy to see how a properly tuned suspension setup can make these cars a joy to drive, and once I'm there ill be all smiles. If youve made it this far, thanks for reading! :) once the todo list is sorted the car will stay like this for a while until i toss up my options. I want to do far more but thinking realistically life may slap me in the face hahaha
  4. Looks really nice! I'm a big fan of the stock tidy steel wheels haha
  5. Hi guys, just a quick update :) *apologising in advance for this essay, theres pics i swear!* I did go ahead and cut out the cancer and weld in new metal, almost threw the towel in(after dropping two templates down the a pillar cavity) but a bunch of mates gave some motivation which I'm super thankful for haha. First obviously i cut the section (as little as possible while removing all the rust there is: Then i checked around the cut to look for more rust and cut accordingly. Next i made the template to fill in the hole, using 1.4mm (slightly thicker than original) cold rolled steel and bent to shape using a vice, trying to get a fairly round 90deg bend like original. don't have pics of this but for the first section i just made two l bends and welded them together. Steps were repeated for the other few rust holes. Drivers side pillar: Once welded and i was happy with it being water tight I grinded the weld down (sorry :P) and used a small skim of bog to get it smooth. To get the even smaller areas i used filler primer. Next was the annoying (and part I'm not too happy with), i superglued the pegs (which holds the clips in place) onto the repair sections and cured them so they hold the chrome trims well. Its something i have to keep an eye on i guess. Next was paint. After a stupidly long time sanding i used spray cans to get a surprisingly good result. The clear after gives a good sheen but it will need to be wetsanded and buffed someday. Overall I'm super chuffed as its my first crack at it. Would be awesome to hear others rust repair stories too :)
  6. Id have assumed what the last windscreen place did was fill the holes with the windscreen sealant, which was why i found long thick strings hiding this rust haha. Ideally id like to make it a complete a pillar and do a patch repair or cut and shut with a donor chassis, just for for peace of mind :) its not the worse rust in the world particularly for these corollas haha. The fact its structural makes me want to do it 100% properly however :)
  7. Thought it may be worth posting a little update :) Ill skip over the good (steering rack/tierod ends replaced/superprobushings/repainting doors/enjoying the car as is) and get to the ugly (and inevitable i guess with corollas.) Ive found myself a beauty of a rust hole in the a pillar, maybe 5 or so cm in total length and another I'm sure to find. So far ive just sanded back, rust converted and primed, waiting to fix it properly. Just wondering whether from factory Corollas had a window seal in conjunction with urethane, as it seems mine only has urethane. Also wondering how people went about replacing theirs. A few forum threads suggest sikaflex but i wouldve assumed theres a particular window urethane needed that doesnt get rock hard. thanks guys :)
  8. I havent driven it yet as the battery is flat haha, but even moving it around the garage theres significantly less play. The old rack and inner outer tie rods left a good quarter turn of play, and taking it out they were flopping around hopelessly. expecting a big improvement but we'll see!
  9. Just updating that ive taken out the old and fitted the new. On a 3ac (swapped in by last owner) there was a bracket held by both the bellhousing and engine which got in the way of everything. Once this was out it was alot easier to get the ball rolling. Also the d bushing in the superpro rack bushing kit (SPF2998K) is a real pain to seat properly and screw the clamp over. With persistence abd some multigrips it went in, screwing from both the back and front. Also, leaving the other circular bushing loose helped seat it better. Hope this may help someone!
  10. Cheers for the reply dave, ive only got an extension and a good range of 1/2 sockets and a breaker and open ended wrenches. Ill give it another crack now that its daytime.
  11. Hey guys, I'm currently working on replacing the steering rack in my ae71, and ive quickly found out that 3 of the 4 bolts holding the steering rack (and bushings) in place are a real pain in the ass, especially with limited tools. The rachet fouls on almost everything. How was your experience with it? If you guys have done it, did you remove the starter? Did it involve alot of swearing and patience? Let me know how you guys have gone about it. Also if theres a topic posted elsewhere similar to this please let me know. Cheers
  12. Thanks for the reply Ben, personally starsharks were the wheel i thought id never get haha:) honestly i don't give a damn about low, but i want to have an enjoyable setup for nice roads and the ocasional track day without being so 'wallowy' (if thats the right word haha) the rear shocks have been replaced to factory stroke i believe, but the front is uncut ae71 goodness (unsure if thats a good thing hahah) I was looking into ajps when my budget wasnt even enough for a lugnut haha. Ill have a look into them now :) P.s i skimmed through your thread a while back, absolutely stunning, how an ae shouldve come factory imo hahah ;) the interior makes me super jelly haha
  13. how they sit :) I've been reading up about the s13 front suspension setup (because cheap) with r31 lcas and roll centre spacers, and ive been tossing up between that and the trusted ae86 front setup with overpriced corona arms haha. I just wonder how has your personal experience been with both? How did you guys match your rear suspension setup so it didnt ride like ass haha? Any leads/links would be appreciated ;)
  14. Its been a while, but being at uni 5days a week leave little time for my corolla. :( however i did end up buying my dream wheels the other day: Ssr starsharks, 14x6 slightly positive offset. Two are in great nick but two need to be polished up and one has a slight buckle, ill amend this when they are rebarelled. Progress on this will be slow but definetely moving. Its a long term thing haha Edit: don't mind the middle finger, directed at a friend on my phone who thought i was full of it haha
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