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  1. You still in buisness
  2. Thanks for replies I also have sneaky suspicion it's head gasket,also had oil leak on the vavle cover gasket you could visibly see oil coming out when cranking motor have tensioned three nuts and seems ok.still should prob replace.Whatever the prob when driving and slowing down revs go up & down weird shit.
  3. Hi guys new here any of your knowledge appreciated. i have a 94 toyota seca liftback had new head fitted after crack in the previous one COSTLY. about 9 months later a heater hose blew but car did not overheat.Hose replaced all good. Problem I'm having is very hard to start first thing have checked plugs etc,also whatever it is affects the idling it's way high up to 2000rpm sometimes drops as engine warms up not always. also losing coolant very slowly no sign of where from no sign in oil and no visible leaks.also when first fires very rough for the first 5-10 seconds then ok. ANY IDEAS ?
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