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    Toyota Ke 70 Project Advise

    here in SA aftermarket ecu's are actually cheap, fitment instruction are relatively easy , you can even run the ecu using your standard points distributor and have the Ecu control fuel only, bottom end torque improved dramatically and fuel economy is way better that I'm still smiling today, all in all efi is the way to go
  2. ebbieajam

    Toyota Ke 70 Project Advise

    No I don't belong to any club, it's just me and my tools and the love for the game , you can mail me sometime if you have any questions , [email protected]
  3. ebbieajam

    Toyota Ke 70 Project Advise

    Hey Kevin I'm from Cape Town, nice to see a SA guy here, it's real easy setting up a Efi and the old engines seem to like it, I've done a efi turbo setup on my 4K engine and it's going real good , best of luck for your project buddy
  4. ebbieajam

    How To Upgrade 4K Engine Power Up?

    these are well performing engines, a little here and there makes a noticeable increase in power , simple mods like free flow exhaust and webber downdraft is a reliable everyday run a round. next step further maybe add lighter flywheel and aftermarket camshaft
  5. ebbieajam

    7K Efi Here We Go!!

    hi I'm new to the forum, all the way from south Africa cape town, how far you with the setup ? I wish I could get the 7k engine, over here we only have the 4k and 5k engines and that's about it, I just finished my 4k turb efi conversion ,everything is homemade, will love to see how far your setup is
  6. ebbieajam

    4K-C Carbie Turbo

    Hi I know this is way old topic but I finally finished my homemade project, I got lots of inspiration from the forums and thank u guys for the info