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  1. i am restoring my ke70 and want to renew all electric for it. Does anyone have the wire map of ke70 please! ? Thanks all
  2. jackdung

    Ke Auto Build

    how about your build in KE?
  3. dear all, i wanna upgrade my 4k engine power up alittile but don't need to change anything in engine. does anyone have best suggestion? thank you very much!
  4. Dear all, I wanna convert origine power steering system of KE70 to EPS. Anyone give me suggestion about part list or mapping what eps of one of another car ? Thank you very much!
  5. how much hp after this turbo inserted sir?
  6. Hi friends i have ke70 with 4k engine original. Does anyone give me a suggestion to build engine up to 20-30% perfomance with best price list parts? i wanna convert to Hydraulic Power Steering System for my feeling drive. so what Power Steering System can maping to ke70 for the best compatible. and safe in high power? Thanks all!
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