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  1. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    Today I dragged it out of the shed for the first time in months. Finally getting close to booking in for rwc.
  2. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    A while ago, I bought a ke55 grille from a guy who had stripped a few corollas. I was there to buy a glovebox lid as mine had a broken latch, but grabbed the grille also because it was cheap and in great condition. As it turns out, I’ve had to use this grille now, the te37 doesn’t fit and the dog managed to get to the original while it was off the car! Gave it a clean up, polished the stainless trims and replaced the badge with a near perfect one. I have the ‘Toyota’ one too but it needs the letters repainted. Looks clean without it anyway I think.
  3. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    I was able to run the same tyres I had on the hotwires fortunately, as they’ve got plenty of tread. Wouldn’t believe it when you see the two side by side though...
  4. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    Picked up a set of ke70 wheels and ke35 hub caps. The wheels have been soda blasted and professionally painted and look great. Almost a shame to hide them behind hub caps!
  5. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    So I painted the back of the bumper the other day to try to prevent corrosion and fitted it back up to the car with the new indicators/park lights. Took a bit of time to get it fitting well but looks good I think. Then I thought I’d put the TE37 grill on after that for some inspiration but unfortunately the bonnet won’t close with it in as the grill sits too high. I suspected this might be a problem when I bought it as it’s obviously a different shape to the standard one, but I’d seen a few pics of KE30 flat type bonnets with TE37 grills. Not sure how people are getting that to work - maybe by cutting the top of the grill down, which is something I’m not prepared to do. Maybe the extra height of a KE55 bonnet would help, has anyone on here fitted a TE37 grill to their KE30/35/55?
  6. Johnny Mac

    Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

    Just found this build for the first time and read from start to finish - awesome!! What an effort, keep up the good work!
  7. Johnny Mac

    Ali's Ground Up Ke25 Rebuild

    Love the seats! Did you have those door trims made or are they an off the shelf product? Cheers, John.
  8. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    ...and painted.
  9. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    Sand blasted and primed, now it's off at the panel shop.
  10. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    And tracked down a straight front apron. Went with a KE55 item in the end, the little lip at the bottom looks good I reckon. As purchased:
  11. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

  12. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

  13. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    Got some bits sand blasted and powder coated
  14. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    Put these on for a different look