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  1. Painted the front panel, now to do something about the apron...
  2. Took the carby off to have it rebuilt, if nothing else, just to give it a good clean. Came back today looking like a new one!
  3. Got some TE37 goodies! The grill is in good condition and just needs a clean up, trims polished and I'll pop it in when the front is back together. The tail lights are a little rougher though and will need a bit of work before they go on the car. I'll pop them back in the box for now - just glad I got a set!
  4. Nice one. Looks in pretty good shape.
  5. Hi Bruce, yep the car was from Hobart. The previous owner hadn't had it on the road for long but the car had lived down in Tassie for quite a while beforehand I think. I had it shipped across with a freight company, depot to depot.
  6. Nice straight bumper turned up today
  7. Some new bits starting to arrive in the mail
  8. Thanks irokin, all good now!
  9. Dismantling
  10. How it looked...
  11. Na, I was in two minds as to whether to buy it or not as I'm based in Victoria and I didn't have the time to travel down for a look first. I threw him an offer to buy it sight unseen which he knocked back at first but later accepted.
  12. Hi guys, Having trouble uploading images. I've done it in the past no problems, not sure what I'm doing wrong now. The images are jpg and only around 2MB. They seem to upload but then an error message pops up saying 'there was a problem processing the uploaded image. -200' Any suggestions? Cheers, John.
  13. Just tried to copy and paste a pic with no luck.
  14. Can't upload for some reason, keeps saying '...trouble processing the uploaded image'. Not sure why, it's a jpg and only 2MB...