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  1. Hi, i am planning on doing an engineswap in my 95' corolla sedan. I know for a fact that the engine i want to buy is fwd, so is my car. The only thing I need to know before i start jumping in on this shit is wether i can use the current drive shafts from my 4afe on the 6speed lsd transmission or do I have to find new ones. The engine i am swapping to is a 4age 20v (levin) with 6 speed LSD MT. If i indeed need new driveshafts, do I need to get a new axle/wheelbearing aswell? thanks in advance
  2. I am sorry for the lack of replies, but i assure you. You with your investigation has helped me regain trust in my upcoming project, i am new to this car scene and own a 4afe corolla (fwd). I am currently trying to blacktop swap it and wanted to know if the mounts would be the same, so i’d know if the way the block faces would stay the same. I am tending to keep it fwd for now but the seller of my blacktop (levin) says it comes with a lsd 6 speed transmission. please if you want to keep me updated on your project you would be of so much help! I am trying to figure this shit out on myself but can't figure it out properly. Good luck with your project dude!
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