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  1. I still have this. still doesn't run The wheels were stolen and the car left on bricks so now has the stock wheels on. Make an offer
  2. Ok great, thanks Banjo! If I were to take the car to a mechanic/auto electrician to install the new dizzy, what would be a fair price?
  3. It looks similar to the one you have in your post. By the two wires do you mean the positive and negative wires. If so yes. What would be the easiest and cheapest way. If I bought a replacement electronic dizzy off ebay would it be easy to install myself? I'm not mechanically minded.
  4. I have a problem with my electronic distributor on my 4k and need to know what it would cost to have it fixed. RAA vehicle fault found: the car has power to coil -positive terminal, no switching at coil - negative terminal when cranking. Any idea of what i will be up for? Can someone just come and fix it for me cheap??? :(
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