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  1. hello everyone i gather you all had a good weekend. My short time there was great. Wish i could of been in two places at once. Thanks to all those who organized it. I had fun up the river after i spent 6 hours getting there tho. lorne to geelong... gooood road. geelong to the hume fwy and then the river... boring zzz z zz zzz and did about 1500km in total. Anyway it was good to see you all again and hopefully next year you'll keep up webbers lol
  2. Are you going to bring a trailer as well to carry your army of camping gear.. lol
  3. you'll need to bring some binoculars because i'll be long gone haha
  4. sure am as long as it doesn't break down this week.
  5. one more week can't wait.. new iridium plugs gaped to 0.6 check, new coilpacks and leads check, oil changed check, boost wound up too 22 psi check. lets do this thing yeah boy...!!
  6. can't wait for the next cruise. Been doing some practice just for the occasion. did the GOR from warrnambool to torquay in one go...at NIGHT. A little bit better with the lack of caravans and tourists..hehe also the grampians hill climbing a few times.
  7. i think I'm in epping that weekend for a 21st so if I'm not too hung over onh the sunday i might tag along
  8. i will be there, hopefully my evo is too this time. its been rebuilt with forged pistons and re-tuned lol just put 180kw at all four on 20psi
  9. hey there could some one do me a favour and PM me thenobblers number i have lost it.. thanks.
  10. hey there i haven't been on this for ages because i've been over west working..anyway I'm still keen on coming just incase i was scrubbed from the list. haha due to lack of participation. Won't be brining the evo5... unfortunatly its been sold. might just have to bring my newer toy.. the evo 7 haha
  11. i will be there in the mighty corolla ( which is currently blowing blue smoke...dame you rings!!) or in the the evo..
  12. hey think i might have to pull out. Did the clutch in my car and the 500km round trip might be abit far to push it..haha anyway sorry hope its still a good cruise never the less..
  13. Hi i finally have the car in my name and in my shed... Its running 16 pound of boost and goes off the clock quite easy lol looking foward the letting her loose down the great ocean road thats for sure.. lol
  14. I'm keen, if i can make it.
  15. I'm keen to go as long as I'm free.. hopefully the evo will be all tuned and ready..
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