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  1. Lexus 1Uz-Fe V8 Into A Ke70

    Perfect answer :dance: Any idea on the tunnel with supra 5 speed gearbox?............ ive heard its a good fit!!
  2. 1uzfe Ke70 Drift Car!!

    To MR LLOYD I have sent you a PM reference the engine conversion and advice about it. Hope you can help :cool: P.S. AMAZING car by the way :dance:
  3. Lexus 1Uz-Fe V8 Into A Ke70

    Thanks very much I'll have a good read. I know he cut the firewall to move the engine back tho but Ive seen others that look like they have fitted without modding the firewall? Hes probably done this for weight balence reasons which I'm not so bothered about for normal road use. The engine is still only 4 cylinders long just a bit wider lol think this is him on here too Lloyd Smith Corolla
  4. Lexus 1Uz-Fe V8 Into A Ke70

    Yea i lived In Christchurch for 5 months last year and loved it!! Mental old Jap car everywhere unlike the UK and many with silly engine conversions!! :yes: Any info off anyone would be greatfully recieved. I just want to know if its possable to do this fairly easily (i.e. The engine will fit in the bay and the gearbox will fit under the car without mega money mods), the rest of the conversion should be no different from most other engine and running gear swaps hopefully.
  5. Lexus 1Uz-Fe V8 Into A Ke70

    Hence the last Vid I Linked lol Are thos guys on here?? Any contact details so I can have a word :yes: And yes ide love to come back :cool:
  6. Lexus 1Uz-Fe V8 Into A Ke70

    Hi all Ive been a bit quiet on here for a while now and my KE has been sitting in my garage here in the UK while i went traveling to NZ and OZ last year!! (Loved it :D ) Anyway I met lots of people over there with KEs and various engine swaps and ideas and it got me thinking!!! I had always planned to do an engine swap and was probably going to do a 4AGE swap like everyone else..... but me being a little different and always fancied a V8 car of some kind is now considering the Lexus 4.0 1UZ-FE lump!! Main reasons I'm considering this are............... - Its a V8 :lol: - It makes THAT noise!! - Its cheaper to buy than a good 4AGE here in the UK - I can run it as a standard reliable engine and still have more power than the 4AGE with a good tune! - Its not massively heavy due to the all aluminum design. - Its Mega reliable and revvy for a V8 - Its a bit different to the norm (the way I like it) I met a guy in CHCH NZ that had a V8 Turbo KE70 with about 450bhp!! I had a good chat with him and he said if I leave out the turbo bit the engine is actually pretty easy to fit with some modded mounts and a different diff/prop etc along with some wiring/ECU work. However, I'm trying to avoid chopping to much of the car away as my shell is overrated. He did say it will pretty much fit with the O/E bay and tunnel its just a bit tight around the gearbox (Ide use a manual from a supra with a conversion plate). The main issue I have is here in the UK details are very minimal as the cars are rare and I don't think this conversion has been done here for me to measure off. My car will just be a fun road car NOT a competition car so a mental spec will not be required. I want to keep it looking as stock as possable with the exception of wide wheels and low stance. Is there anyone on this site or any other website that can advise me on this before I buy/start anything, and on any other aspect of the conversion?? Any help and advice would be great and then I can look into getting on with it lol. Here is the V8 Turbo one I saw in NZ.......... And here is my Youtube inspiration............. MotorFIX Corolla Coming Soon MotorFIX Corolla Unveiling MotorFIX Corolla V8 first test Lloyd Smith Drift Demo
  7. From The Uk.......... My Ke70

    Na still want a Toyota engine but thinking something different from the Common 4AGE maybe!! I havent decided yet tho!! I have options!!
  8. From The Uk.......... My Ke70

    Cheers guys!! I can't wait to get back to the UK in a few months, and when I have some cash again ill continue withthe project! Its gonna be off the road for a while now as its no longer my daily and has become my full time project car! Plans are to de-rust and repaint the car to factory colour but minty overrated including flaring the fenders, propper suspension and brake upgrade, and an engine conversion of some sort but maybe something different from the norm!?! Ill keep you posted :lolcry:
  9. From The Uk.......... My Ke70

    I am now in New Zealand and will be traveling for a year here!! WOW what an amazing country by the way.......... love it :lolcry: The Corolla is now in storage and ready for the project to go to a new level when I get back 8) These are the last pics i took last November...............
  10. From The Uk.......... My Ke70

    Heres some more recent pics of the car............................. Oh and i have some new goodies for the we beasty too :lolcry: JDM Chrome wind deflectors (need a little modding as off a different car) Very rare Genuine Toyota Corolla (Jap Spec) chrome fender mirrors......... maybe the only set in the UK?? Centre Consol.............. unfortunately got a bit broken but I should be able to fix it. Corolla 'C' badges Gold and rare white Gold badge test fit (however this will be on my JDM Twin Headlights and grill i already have ready for fitting)
  11. From The Uk.......... My Ke70

    Since we had more arch clearence we decided to go lower at the front............... another 1.5 Coils off the front :-) And this is the outcome :lolcry:................ It can go a little lower at a later date but I need to get the exhaust fettled with first as its a little low..........I do need it to be drivable though as its my daily driver!! Hope Ive redemed myself for my lack of speed on this project :lolcry: And heres some better pics from The Dorset J Car show last summer................
  12. From The Uk.......... My Ke70

    MASSIVE UPDATE!!!! Well its the bit you have all been waiting for........ Yes the Enkei's and Lowering :lolcry: Sorry its been so long!!! I finally got round to getting this done as I wanted to show It a few times before I came traveling!! Heres some pics of during and after the work................ Wheel centres sand blasted ready for paint!! All painted in BENTLEY ANTIQUE GOLD awating Stainless bolts Rear dish painted too Finished wheels with bolts fitted Completed set :-) Fitment.........Check lol This is how u polish them............. Spin the wheels and rub LOL Trying tires I went for 185/60/14 Fedrals in the end First trial Fitment before lowering Needs some arch work!! Not a lot of clearence between wheel and strut....... Even with 15mm spacers!!!! STREEEEETCH!!! Rear springs removed for some angle grinder action......... for now!! One Coil Removed at the back!! Fronts removed for same treatment!! One coil off all round Time for some Arch mods!! (Heres ma Lo-Rider Yo lol) Rolling.......... Rolled, flared and painted............. Ill do some filler work on these at a later date!!
  13. From The Uk.......... My Ke70

    Maybe a little Biased LOL I love it when we cruise round out town and the 2 old cheap cars get all the attention LOL Great feeling :jamie:
  14. From The Uk.......... My Ke70

    Photo Whoring!! Ok so not an update as such but me and a mate went out last night and did a little shoot of my Corolla and his 120y just for fun! Heres some of the first pics........ Enjoy............. 8) And 1 of the Datty for ya..........
  15. From The Uk.......... My Ke70

    Yea I love it!!!! :P Well when I'm traveling Ill be picking up more funkey parts for it as i go so when i get back Ill roll it out and make it something very special :P To be honest its not that noisy with the exhaust as he fitted a large centre box in to keep it sensible............. however I don't want sensible so ive asked him to remove the large box and put a smaller one in, both to give it a bit more of a menacing note and to give me more ground clearence for when I lower it soon!! :hammer: See ive got it covered!! :P