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    Well of course my 1988 corolla sedan, My Kawasaki ZZR 250 (soon to be the wifes), and my daughter.

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  1. schrgdrolla

    Stickers Are Coming.

    Just a quick message to WA members, Due to family problems I have not been ale to post stickers as previously said, They will be in the post this week for those expecting them. Also I possibly won't be online for a week or so as we are traveling to perth for medical reasons. Any new requests for stickers or information will be addressed when I return. My appologies for any inconvenience caused but I hope to be back shortly and pick up where I left off. Keep bringing new members in and keep up the posts. Regards Cameron.
  2. schrgdrolla

    Cruise September 3rd

    :thumbsup: Cheers for the invite Dan. Please let us know of any events like this so we can hopefully turn up. As I'm about 200km south of the river I don't think I will be able to attend, But if you let me know inm advance I can put any runs on the calender.
  3. schrgdrolla

    Wa Rides

    Have you tried the local wreckers? they can sometimes be a gold mine of parts.
  4. schrgdrolla


    What model of head unit are you running? Pioneer, Alpine, Sony etc run slightly diferent colour codes. Also you might find the coding on a sticker on the top of your hu.
  5. schrgdrolla

    Speaker Spacers?

    What brand of speakers do you have? Do you have the measurement of the speakers, eg. the basket diameter, the mounting hole diameter and the depth you require the build out to be? Private message me and Id be happy to make you some.
  6. schrgdrolla

    Wa Rides

    :D QUOKKA :bash: QUOKKA :bash: QUOKKA........ can't say it enough if your chasing parts or cars try the quokka. :y:
  7. schrgdrolla

    Ae82 Hard Starting

    One step up from talking to your car is talking with a piece of chalk. Tell it if it don't start your gonna draw a cross in the middle of the front bumper and then proceed to kick it with your steel cap with my "nuttin but twubble" only had to kick it once lol. :P starts every time the chalk comes out now.
  8. schrgdrolla

    Quik Rollas

    Nice links Ratty but why have you not recruited this Perth boy yet? :P ............. Just kidding I have emailed him to let him know about the club and to pass the info to his friends.
  9. schrgdrolla

    Wtb : 4age Computer

    Does anyone have a engine management computer to suit a 4age engine? I have a 4age I'm building up to go in my ae82 sedan but unfortunatly I don't have a computer to run the injection. PM me or reply here if you think you can help. Regards Cameron
  10. schrgdrolla

    Fs: Ae82 Piston Rings

    I have a set of standard rings to suit a 4AC corolla engine. I bought them before finding out I have oversized pistons and that one of the pistons had fallen apart, so naturaly I bought pistons and rings together oversized to suit the bore. The standard rings cost me $75 for the set. If anyone wants / needs them I'll let them go for $50. Local pickup can be arranged or I will post them at buyers expence. I'm located in Bunbury Western Australia. PM me or reply here for more information.
  11. schrgdrolla

    Audio Brands

    In my ae82 '88 sedan I'm running - Pioneer Casette head unit. - Pioneer 6 stack cd player where the glove box USED to be. - Kenwood tweters on dash....soon to be in new door trims. - Crossfire 6" mids up front in custom door pods. - Ultimate reflex kevlar cone 4"s in custom rear parcel shelf. - Kicker ex10 10" sub in standard prefab box in boot beside, - Kicker kx75.2 amp bridged running sub. - Kicker kx 150.4 running front and rear in car. - Schneider 1.0 farad stiffening capacitor with digital voltage display. Trying to find room to fit a 12" ultimate reflex kevlar cone sub and clarion amp to drive it. Might have to be a removeable component as it doesnt fit with the pram and all.......can't wait for the wife's car to be purchased then I can have some real fun. And yes my system is worth more than the car also.
  12. schrgdrolla


    If your looking for a whole wagon or panno van the auto trader might be a good place to look, and as Ratty said the quokka is always a good help also. Otherwise get your mum or dad to drive you round the street of Bunno and look for road side sales, might just get lucky.
  13. schrgdrolla

    32/26 Weber Help

    I'm running a 32/36 dgav webber on my ae82 4ac. If you have the same one you will probably find its from a 2 litre cortina. The carby id should be stamped on the base plate at the front just above where it mounts on the manifold.
  14. schrgdrolla

    W.a Approved Modifications

    I think you will find that most of the application forms for any mods are available for download on the pages supplied by kangarooa.
  15. schrgdrolla

    Audiophiles Wanted

    What sort of budget are we talking here? everyone is recomending brand name components......but no one has asked the budget range, are we talking $200 or $1000. I used to install car stereo for a local shop so i know the price difference in components. My next question is how long do you have to build a system? Car stereo is great as you can build a piece at a time. I'm currently building my second systemand minus cassete head unit and 6 stack cd changer, and in car speakers it has cost me around $760 for a kicker kx150.4 amp, kx75.2 amp, ex 10 inch sub, sub box and wiring. If you have time work one component at a time as you can afford it. Are you installing the system yourself or getting it done by the supplier of your components. If your confident you can do it yourself alot cheaper. As you have probably guess I'm quite partial to kicker gear. Big bang for buck and clear sound from their splits. I would suggest 6.5 inch splits in the front, 4 to 6 inch one ways in the rear and atleast one sub. As we are talking a budget a 4 channel amp will power your sub and fronts. Make sure the amp is bridgable to bridge the sub over chanels 3 and 4. You will want a amp with adjustable crossover front and rear and also high pass and low pass filters. ( high pass lets mid and trebble through and cuts out bass (makes life easier for smaller drivers) and low pass filter lets sub frequencies 50hz to around 180 - 200hz through and cuts out mid and high frequencies.)If your amp isn't bridgable you will quickly cause huge problems and possibly damage it so causing it to become a VERY EXPENSIVE paper weight. Cross fire has very nice splits / 2way components but the price tag can match also. AS someone has already mentioned g oto your local car audio shop and listen to as many speakers as possible, also listen to them from different decks as they can make a difference. For best listening position you want to face your mid range drivers towards you focusing the sound to the drivers position, I will post some pics tomorrow showing what i mean. This requires custom pods for your doors and tweeters which you can buy from your local shop (generally fiberglass covered in vinyl) or if your feeling crafty you can make your own. Hope this helps. Regards Cameron