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  1. Hey Guys, I just bought a set of Nolathane Bushes to suit my KE30 and the bush to suit the front eye on the leaf springs is nowhere near the correct size, it is the correct part number thats in their catalogue (#47251) but it has an OD of 35mm rather than the standard OD of 50mm. I searched their catalogue by bush size and the don't make a bush with a 50mm OD and a 13mm ID I got on the phone to Nolathane directly this morning and they insist that its the right size for the car and we must have odd springs but every KE30-55 spring I have seen is the same size as these Has anyone else every comne across this problem?
  2. I would strongly advise against sand blasting large panels e.g. 1/4 Panels, Roof, Doors or Bonnet. A guy we raced with got a shell sand blasted and they blasted the roof and 1/4's and they were so bad we had to put a new roof and heavily bog the 1/4 panels due to the warping and damage of the sand blasting
  3. I would like to congratulate the Raymond Brothers for their First Heat win and First ARC Rally win on the weekend at Busselton "Raynman" is a member on here and Co-Pilot for his brother Glen. Here is a link to the story on the ARC Website 2009 Quit Forest Rally Wrap Up Well Done again and Good Luck with the rest of the series :dance:
  4. If you get a carby off of a KE70 they have bigger, throats, and venturies along with bigger jets. But you have to plug or block all the extra emmisions ports. I have one on my road car now and runs like a charm with a worked 3K.
  5. lappy


    yeah I saw that in wanneroo when I was at the supercars, it sounded overrated
  6. I got mine yesterday its great! and I did read that article I'm surprised the car even moves :dance: you wouldnt have to worry about being assasinated :y:
  7. Something like this from the gallery? V8 KE70 Torana
  8. Great Job they look awesome can't wait to get mine now :y:
  9. Probably an SLR at this stage but the project is a long term one as the car need a fair bit of work. Back to corollas and to answer another question from earlier I don't race speedway anymore because this season I was over the age limit in the Junior division but we are prepping my brothers car to race the state championship.
  10. 67 Rolla: I would, i have had points since i have had the car, but now it starts easier and just runs better and there is two less parts that can fail on me or wear out. KE30 KE35 KE55: No more real plans just waiting to sell a car so taht I can buy the exhaust. I also bought another project car an LH Torana. But the mighty Corolla Is a brilliant car and great fun to drive and unique so it will be a keeper for a fair while longer.
  11. I wasgoing through my shed today and found a Dizzy that had been converted to Electronic Ignition and the module for it. It was a Lumenition Optronic Ignition System. I gave it a clean up, found a wiring diagram on the internet and installed it. Now it runs much better, even though the old dizzy had new points and condenser the electronic ignition is streets ahead. The car runs smoother and seems to make more power a new 2" Exhaust is on its way so hopefully it can use the big cam to its potential and extract (pardon the pun) :) more horsepower out of it because the engine isnt breathing well with the stock exhaust.
  12. Clark Rubber Thanks Mate, I have a few more plans coming soon :dance:
  13. http://www.rollaclub.com/board/?showtopic=8106&st=105 Here in my thread is some pics and info when I put a kit into my KE30, I need to redo the rear ones due to my poor angle on the rear lock rods
  14. Here is some of my speedway car from early in the year.
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