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  1. Do I run a negative off where the rb was meant to be for them to work?
  2. What about r/b, is that just a ground? If it is did you just make a new one?
  3. Or would it be easier to install hid kit? Will they even work with my current issue?
  4. Thinking I may just do the re-wire with the relays and hopefully get these damn headlights working!
  5. So this problem fixed itself after a day now it's back, I have 12v at the relay and redone all the earths. What earths does the headlights actually use if anyone knows?
  6. I thought it might have been but its doesn't appear to be broken on both the assembly's I got
  7. Hey guys, As the title states I'm having trouble with my headlights. The parkers work, dash lights all work but no headlights. When you try to turn the headlights on the highbeam light comes on on the dash. The only way the headlights work is if they are in the on position and you hold the stalk back like your flashing high beam. If you try to flash the high beam in any other position the headlight relay makes a buzzing sound. I've tried changing the stalk and relays but nothings changed. All earths seem to be good...... It's really starting to annoy me as I can't drive at night. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ben
  8. P.s. What car were they for? Mine are sitting on my ke70.
  9. What height is your car at? Mine is just below 100mm with the same size and offset rear, and for the rear I had to flare the guards a bit. Fronts I'm unsure about as mine are 6 inch with about +6ish offset but I don't see why they wont fit easy enough.
  10. Cap is brand new aswell, and the radiator is fairly new aswell. It seems to be flowing better then ever but yeah.
  11. Yeah I have done all that but to no result, still overheats ergh :bash:
  12. Hey guys, As the title states, I am having some issues with my ke70 overheating. Mainly on the highway the temp will just jump up pretty quick. Around town it usually sits around 1/3 to 1/2 on the temp guage. It is just a bog stock 4k, have replaced the water pump but with not much change in what is happening. It has a restrictor in it instead of a thermostat ( basically a gutted out thermostat), all new coolant etc. Block and radiator have been flushed and are all clean, it's just really starting to annoy me! Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ben
  13. There is still some shaking, and it is starting to annoy me! erghhhhh. As for the cable, ill have a play around tomorrow. It was all put back in the same spot and everything alligned, but once again I guess its just trial and error on things
  14. There is a new spigot bearing in there now, but there still seems to be some vibrations at certain revs and still the clutch just doesnt feel like it wants to 'pop' when jolted
  15. Nah used all my clutch pressure plate and flywheel as the engine had a torque convertor still attached ( fail )
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