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  1. Mybowlcut


    Dunno if I've already mentioned this, but what looks like a silver T18 with some nice front rims in Highgate. I think you work at the mechanics on the corner down there...
  2. Mybowlcut


    Haha I dunno what model it was. I've only ever had KE70s, so have never been good at differentiating.
  3. Mybowlcut


    Really nice white KE10/20/30 in Highgate just now.
  4. Mybowlcut


    Silver T18 with nice wheels and I think a black bonnet on Yeo Ave in Highgate.
  5. Mybowlcut


    Sweet. It's that thirsty is it? Shit haha! I saw a white, kinda new Chaser in the city today, looked nice.
  6. Mybowlcut


    Yep. :) I can see the hills from my house and it's annoying me haha... can get my unrestricted motorbike license on the 29th of April, so gonna save up until then. Was going to go with Raven to that hills cruise last week but his phone died.
  7. Mybowlcut


    Beige KE70 in Highgate. Nice rims.
  8. Sweet. Sounds like you've been in the exact situation I'm going to be in - cheers for the advice.
  9. Yeah I'll probably end up catching a bus in haha. I doubt that I'll walk/ride into work as I'm lazy. Meet and greet sounds pretty good. :)
  10. I'm pretty much looking to go in or around the city and have got a list of apartments I'm interested in which helps haha. I've got some of those suburbs you mentioned in there I think. I found out today that there's no parking at the job though (which is on Currie street), so will be either walking, cycling or, worst case, bus. I've realised that if you want to get a decent studio apartment in the city it's gonna be $350 on average. $270 seems to be the average for suburbs neighbouring the city so it's kinda an easy choice... just not too sure what I'll do about transport, as apparently it's a 45 minute walk into the CBD from neighbouring suburbs. Sweeeet. I know NO ONE in SA. Be good to meet someone from over east on Rollaclub. Fastest car that I've been in (where the driver actually gave it some) was Twinky Todd's 4AGZE corolla a while back. That was scarily fast, so I look forward to it haha.
  11. Umm probably 5-10. The outskirts I guess... the closer the better as I'm imagining that traffic is going to be a [email protected]$k like it is in Perth.
  12. Bumping this thread so I can get opinions on good suburbs to live in SA that are close to the CBD as that's where I'll be working. I'll be looking for a cheapish 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 garage place to rent. If anyone knows of nice suburbs close to the CBD, please post 'em up! Cheers.
  13. Mybowlcut


    overrated red T18 on Riverside Drive this afternoon. Had a nice, rough exhaust note.
  14. Nope. All I saw were the panels of a panelvan. :jamie:
  15. Didn't know America had Hiluxes? Looks a lot like a panelvan, odd.
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