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  1. 20V_KE35

    Good Bye

    Well that all folks....nice to know you guys. If you guys ever bump with this nickname anywhere well that me...chow!
  2. Would the anodize parts will have any effect to the heat? what i mean is will it be more easy to cool down then it original characteristic? thus make the engine cooler??
  3. Due to high responde of this post, i surely like to clear my story...but it will be done only on this november due to some problem...by that time, keep posting. :lmao:
  4. There one urban legend story here in Ipoh, Malaysia, about an AE101 corolla (no, not levin) had an Blacktop 4age transplant with a 2zzge gearbox. Had met it on the road and .....wow....so fast....but cannot confirm about the gearbox but if true man....it so fast.
  5. 20V_KE35


    Welcome all.....it had been a long time the phily show up in here...welcome. Make yourself at home. :unsure:
  6. flare fender anyone....order first if u interested....in malysia only Flare fender
  7. 20V_KE35

    Show Ur Car

    so the first owner la....the buyer is my drift friend a i-D1 member....now the car is totaly drift-mech.... :n:
  8. guys, i has someone selling an ae86 lsd axle, but it just have disk brake only with out the cliper. so my question is....Will stock ke35 rear drum brake will plug n play with the ae86 axle..??? :cool:
  9. looks like someone have real interest in gay....errr i mean drift :D
  10. Need ur opinion on this thing- 1-MSD Digital DIS-2 Plus 2-ULTRA CDI(4age) which is the best for k engine? pros and cons? :D
  11. now, here my experience with 3k engine... well it a stock engine, at first time i got it i use to driven to it limit and reach 180km/h on highway.....the sound of it engine sure like hell......rpm?? don't know, because didnt install it yet that time.....now i have install rpm meter and what the!!!! i was going at 7000rpm and it reach 17+km/h damn!.....that only from a 3k, a 1166cc engine.....can't wait to transplant to 4k, 5k....
  12. look like someone had too much of initial d :y:
  13. hahah...sure damn that guy sold his rx7 and buy wira 1.5... :y:
  14. hahah...sure damn that guy sold his rx7 and buy wira 1.5... :y:
  15. 20V_KE35

    Old Sckool Night

    yo cooker....where the pic? don't say u didnt brought any camera..
  16. don't be shock....i just because i get really piss with FF car layout. seem it lack of something....feel like gay. So i switch to fr car...now that what i call driving.... :y:
  17. well the ae80 was a gift form my mother, it was stock that time. when it in my hand, i convert it with ae92 4age redtop. been race any higher hp car. got fed up with it injector, so i buy a 4 thorttle out of a silvertop ae101. this project was postponed. Then the day come.....it was pass to my younger bro. now the monstar live in KL.still learning to tame the beast. Heard that he now able to smoke an ae80 4agze. Now he is ready to install the 4 thorttle into the monstar.....soon.....
  18. no it not even came close to satria r3...(i know i race one r3 before). the way it move is not the same. AFAIK sepang gti are equip with pertonas engine...e01w!!! 2000cc, 180hp@7800rpm(yes stock)
  19. Cookie n i was talking about my experience with my ex-4age ae80. Sure was fun with that monstar ....after convert the engine from 3a to 4age...the monstar just like to cucuk angin only the big player car...etc:impreza, lexus,evo's (and the evo's wanabies boys), bmw (merc don't count cause their aren't fast enought to play with the monstar...i wander why???),... ....but the main rival that still i looking for is the satria gti sepang safety car. once i met this monstar (that time ae80 was 3a only) on PLUS highway from JB to KL. try to catch up but ...perghhhh, damn too fast...even got couple of vtec try to cucuk angin but fail to follow. ...still can't forget the view that day...what? yes even to day still i don't know what the hell the safety car do on public road. btw the plate was GP something, forgot the number already. i guest it was my lucky day.........
  20. 20V_KE35

    Old Sckool Night

    waa....touge run :D ....at midnight too :D ...waaa...so brave u guys...the ball of titanium guys :D .....BTW usually me and me buddies touge here in ipoh also...where??? Hint: some place where couple of buses diving into valley reported last year. :D
  21. nick: what ever...as long the stuff arrive to me :)
  22. in that case send 6-7 cam in one package :)
  23. oii... friend. got thread for wish list laa...btw tooth with deep dish or just plain stock :jamie:
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