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  1. Hand on heart, I kid you not. Woman comes into the dealership and tells me there is something wrong with the turbo on her brand spankers new Great Wall diesel, it's making a whistling sound. I took this complaint seriously for something to do, took the car out back and had one of the techs check it over. Usual, pipes, hoses & ducting. Just make sure there's no leaks anywhere. Nope. Asked the customer to demonstrate and sure enough she's concerned about the noise of the turbo itself, it's whistling. So I explaned the magic of a turbo and why it makes the noise it does. This woman then tried to tell myself, the workshop manager and a tech that we were all wrong and the sound is not normal. We got called all the names under the sun, we've ripped her off, the car's a lemon. Me thinks someone has buyers remorse. Not bad for my second week on the job...
  2. Go and have a chat to Widscreens O'Brian. They'll tell you if it can be fixed or not. It takes less than an hour, and they might be able to do it straight away. I put a 2inch crack in my windscreen and they were able to fix it. Cost was $140.
  3. Haha! that's a very good idea. Although, I don't start until the 11th June, so.......... If Great Wall made vacuum cleaners, it's the ONLY thing they'd make that wouldn't SUCK!.
  4. Wooohooo!, new job. FINALLY I can stop working two jobs and have a normal 8 to 5er like a sane person. Going to be working in a local dealership that sells VW, Skoda, Kia and :doh: Great Wall. So showing a little decorum and professionalism I can't slag off at Great Wall anymore. :'(
  5. My Aunt got a few scratch tickets on Thursday from her employer for her birthday. And she scratched off $100grand!... Money will be in her account on Monday. Ha. Thats brilliant. Couldn't of happened to a nicer person.
  6. Another random fact: They don't use Inox in hospital operating theaters.
  7. Congratulations to you and your growing family.
  8. Here's a tip how to save a few $, works for me. I HATE change in my wallet. Everyday when I get home I empty my wallet of coins and put it in moneyboxes. Everyday on my way to work, I stop for my morning coffee and the paper. I hand over $10 and get $4.80 in coins back, everyday. Thats only $24 a week, but it is $1158 a year. Can't buy much with $4.80 these days but you can have some fun with $1158. It's only small amounts, you wont miss it and you wont have a pocket full of crap change. Those big tin moneyboxes you get from the cheapshops are great, cause their a bastard to break into (hide the can openers). I have one for gold coins and one for silver. Last Christmas after putting all my change into these things for the year I had $1700. Was a good christmas... Or, a simple coke can. A coke can hold almost $700 in $2 coins. The temptation is to not break into them.
  9. Agree, I've been doing permanent nights for around 15 years. I've left the job and done different things for a day job, but manage to always come back to nights. Much easier on the mind and body than shift work. I've been working 2 jobs for the last 4 years now, job 1, 2200hrs to 0700hrs, job 2, 0730hrs to 1330hrs. Besides, night shift has it's benifits. When I go to a pub and everyones ready to go home by 1 or 2 am, I'm just starting...
  10. Rust in AE82's can be just about anywhere. But the main areas are rear wheel arches, around fuel cap, top of hatch (peel the rubber back around the hatch and have a look around the top), A pillars, all around the front screen, bottom of doors, basicly EVERYWHERE. It's a 25yo car, it's going to have some rust somewhere. As for a service history well, I'd be looking for any receipts for recent work. It's an old car and at some point it's going to need attention to brakes and suspension. If you don't know what your looking for, get a mechanic to go over it. There not hard cars to fix and their not expensive to fix if you can do some of the work yourself. Certainly a good place to learn.
  11. A cat back exhaust is a few hundred dollars, so I'd be taking that off the asking price. Water pumps, timing belt, service, if not done are going to cost, you. Is there any rust?, what's the overall condition like?, what maintenance has been done to the engine?.
  12. I agree Spencer it is borderline hypocrisy regarding "free range" chooks. But there is still a fundamental difference here. The free range chooks, while overcrowded, CAN stand up and move around. A luxury caged chooks don't have. Particularly when the shove 2, 3 or even 4 chooks in a cage.
  13. My sister has an obsesive compulsive disorder, and HAS to do the same with pegs. Can not have two pegs of a different colour on the one item. Like your brother Jon, I gave my sister grief over this. I got bored of it and hopefully your brother will too. What shits me is when I do my washing. I don't give a shit what peg I use, so long as my washing isn't on the ground. Sis comes along and re-organises the pegs so the colours match. I cracked it. Chucked ALL the pegs out and bought new ones of the same colour.
  14. Hi Lachlan, I did what you originally suggested and cleaned the contacts and switches. There was about 25 years of dust in there and it was a bit messy. I used a cleaner they use to clean computers with. From what I could see it was compressed air in a can but, it seems to have done the trick. I havn't had any blackouts since. I'll just keep an eye on it for the moment, see how it goes. Thanks for your help
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