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  1. cool will keep checking ebay and the wrecking thread. yea thanks am totally stoked with the green :) :)
  2. Cool thanks for the help guys :) i couldnt think of another way to word it, other then, "centre of boot" badge. :P but will a hunt around the wreckers or Rare spares and hopefully one turns up :)
  3. hmmm couldnt find any on ebay. they had listings for the small corolla badges that go on the guards but not the large one that goes in centre of boot. :S
  4. HI just wondering if anyone wants to sell their "Corolla" badge that goes across the centre of the boot? mine is split in half, and want to put a new one on it :) or if possible to reconmend somewhere in tassie (preferably launie) where i could get hold of a good one? Cheers, Alana
  5. THank you am pretty stoked with it :) it took me ages to track down the right colour. knew i wanted bright green. but couldnt find the right one. :P found the colour by chance on AEU86 forum :)
  6. There was quite alot of rust in the drivers side rear wheel arch, the guy who did it for me, cut all the rust out and welded new bits of steel in. :)
  7. Name: Alana Blackman Car: 1981 KE55 XX Coupe Motor & Driveline:4k with 5spd gear box Suspension & Brakes: stock stock stock Wheels & Tyres: stock alloys Interior: nice creamy interior, black seat covers Body: was gold colour as shown in profile pic, but now is an awesome shade of green Other: decided to get it painted this year. colour is Toyota Pure Green 6C5 Have also had roof lining re made, got new quarter vent strips, and have swapped ova the shitty dash for a good one and got the front bumper re chromed. also brought a new engine to go in it in the future when i have some spare cash, 3T with 5spd T50 box, extractors and webber carby. :) will get more pics up when its all back together :) :) :)
  8. dammit dammit dammit wont be able to make it, have a horse event this saturday and the rolla is in the final stages of getting paint job finished, trimmings going back on. guess am gunna have to pass on this cruise. :(
  9. hey hey.... am definately up for it. :cool: only slight prob atm is the car has gone in for a total re spray, i know under normal circumstances that it shouldnt take to long, but i've taken it to a guy who only paints in his spare time now, so he's fitting the painting of the car around his real job, so gunna be a month or so. i feel so lost without the rolla lol :(
  10. TOTAL SYSTEM COST: $439 BATTERY: light truck battery HEADUNIT: Kenwood mp-343 PROCESSORS/ETC:none FRONT SPEAKERS:6" Pioneer Splits CENTRE SPEAKERS:none REAR SPEAKERS: Xplod 6"x 9" 350w SUBWOOFERS: Kenwood typhoon 800w AMPLIFIERS: Kenwood 4ch 600w CABLING:an amp wiring kit SOUND DEADENING: none/stock OTHER: DB OUTPUT:Not sure, but parents can hear me coming from atleast 500m away :)
  11. hey guys, just wondering if any one could help me out. My brother was in a minor accident the other day down kingston way, a lady had lost control of her car and hit a 4x4 comin the other way, my bro saw it happen, but didnt stop in time, brakes locked and slid for about 30m into the bull bar. anyhoo, we're after a bonnet, front bumper, grill and headlight surrounds. (fortunately the damage wasnt worse) the only catch is its not a rolla, but a '78 corona. i'm not sure where to go about finding parts for them, so thought i'd ask on here first and maybe you guys could point me in the right direction. any help much appreciated :) cheers, Alana
  12. hey guys i'm i've got a 81 coupe and the rubbers between where the front n back windows meet are stuffed. with winter coming on its getting a bit drafty. if anyone could help me out with some that would be tops. or even if there is somewhere in tassie that happens to sell them.. i'm in Launceston, plz either PM me on here or email is [email protected] cheers, Alana
  13. thanks for the quick replys guys. thats definatley given me some stuff to keep in mind. shall go round the places in launie, getting prices n reconmendations. but from what you've said sounds like it will definately hurt my wallet. hmmm 21st is coming up wonder if can convince parents that it would be a great b'day present :wub:
  14. hey guys, am looking into getting my car sandblasted, so i can begin the fun job of painting it. could anyone tell me where in launie would be a good place to go and how much can i expect to spend? theres only 1 listing in the phone book for sandblasting out st leonards - anyone had any dealings with them? would most spray painters/panel beating places sandblast? any help muchly appreciated :wub: cheers, Alana :D
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