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  1. Nope I don't but to be honest, they are horrible, your better off getting your leafs reset, Much better ride, If you keen send me a text and offer me a price, Also I will be up in sydney in 2 weeks
  2. Hi Guys, I have a set of Spring here for sale... They will suite a KE20 and they are king Springs super lows. As I no longer have the car I will be selling them, they have only had no more then 2000km's use on them and I paid $130 So lets say $75 plus postage which will be whatever postage costs me. I am not on here often so please Send an SMS to 0400785591, due to my job answering my phone is hard so please send me a text through and I will reply as soon as I can
  3. Hahha the boot looks way better than when I had it! Good to see that it went to a good home in the end! Still a bummer about the 5 speed box though.... Hopefully you can find another one as 4 speeds suck!!
  4. IV bought stuff from him before, and it was rubbish!! and My mate bought some stuff from him for his Merc (seals) and it took him 4 months to send them to him!! Hopefully you get something decent mate
  5. Hahaha I'm trying to work something out
  6. I would be all over this but its a tad too far away :(
  7. Ok so I am now looking for a new project hahaha! Did not take me long at all!
  8. Lowered King Springs for Ke20 - $50 - prefer pickup Front bar - $10 - pickup - not the best condition, but someone may want to get it fixed up 4x114.3 stock wheels, got a few of them and some chrome rings - the lot of $15 - pickup I have a Ke20 dash with a 2 inch hole cut in it for a tacho - $20 Bumper indicater covers - $5 - will send Contact me via PM or my mobile if you are interested 0423639077 Will get some pictures up asap... currently have limited access to internet... So texting would be prefered
  9. it makes me sad also! I'm missing her a great deal at the moment! But it was sold to someone else who will have more time and more love to give her! I would much rather that, as I just didnt have the time or resources anymore
  10. So the 20 is now gone.. I wont be on here a whole lot, but will check back, as one day when things permit i plan on getting another corolla :D All the best rolla fans
  11. Hi mate if your serious about buying the car, could you please pm me or call me, I have a few people interested
  12. Here are some interior images guys It was raining hence the water on the drivers seat :)
  13. Bump... Am I asking to much??
  14. Bump... No one seems keen =[ I'm open to offers as well =]
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