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  1. Selling an upgrade for ke30 and ke55 Corolla. These bad boys will have your ke stopping on a dime. Calipers are from an LN106 Hiluxbut also take 180sx/skyline pads. The struts are CT130/RT132 corona. The discs are Peguot 604 (DBA272 or RDA272) Corona steering arms. $600
  2. thanks mate. It's mongoose sound deadening. I think it was $120 a box and you get 9 sheets in a box. It's just a pain to install, especially inside the doors. But it works well with road noise. Yeah the turbo is going to sit pretty close to the bonnet so I'm going to need to do something to protect it.
  3. A change of direction has happened, I wasn't happy with the power that the 5k was putting out and I stumbled across a 4k turbo fuel injected set up on eBay that sleepercorty was selling. So I drove up to QLD to grab that, took the 5k out and put the 4k in. I have since replaced all the fuel lines in copper as I'm a plumber and that was the easiest way to go as they were ʞ©$ɟed anyway, installed a surge tank with the two pumps and a heavy duty fuel filter which cost a overrated as its going to be running e85 and not all pumps and filters can handle that fuel. (not all together in photo because I took the tank out to weld new barbs in it for the surge tank) I grabbed a B&M shifter for the trimatic tranny which should make slamming through gears fun. I have a mate who works for a company who build race cars and he is making a new custom intake manifold and exhaust manifold to make the the flow a little better and to make some more power. The motor had a blown head so I got it slightly skimmed, new copper cometic gasket and ARP head studs as the originals were STRETCHED. I have also fitted a turbosmart plumb back BOV and a turbosmart dual stage boost controller. One of the things I'm not 100% sure on is what oil to be running through the motor and turbo, anyone have any suggestions? It's obviously more effort then a lot of people would go to with a 4k but its going to be interesting to see what sort of power it makes, sleepercorty said he made 160rwhp on 20psi so I'm hoping to make more then that. Please leave your feedback as I'm interested to see what you guys think
  4. Hey mate. Are the ARP head studs still for sale? Cheers leigh
  5. thanks for your help mate. It's just an electric dizzy which then runs to the ecu. I'll have to check the timing. Do you happen to have a link to those bolts in the for sale section? I can't find it.
  6. Hey guys I'm leigh,I'm attempting to re-build a 4k turbo injected motor. The motor had standard head bolts in it but they stretched under boost and blew the head gasket. I have been searching for a metal head gasket as the standard seems to blow at 10psi. Does anybody know where I find a metal head gasket? Also has anybody had any luck getting ARP head bolts/studs? They don't stock a kit but ive heard of people using arp bolts in 4ks. Any help would be great. Cheers Leigh
  7. Hey rolla friends, I'm chasing a ke55/30 auto shifter complete (including shaft that connects to gearbox) And the auto centre concole. If you can help me out PM me or message me on 0481211933 Cheers Leigh
  8. Hey rolla friends, I'm chasing a ke55/30 auto shifter complete (including shaft that connects to gearbox) And the auto centre concole. If you can help me out PM me or message me on 0481211933 Cheers Leigh
  9. Hey everyone, I've just done the front bearings in my ke55 and the washes you put on before the locking nut has had it. Its the one that locks into the grove in the thread. If you've ever done a bearing on these you'll know the one. Anyway tracking one down has proven to be difficult. If anyone has any laying around could you please let me know. I live in the blue mountains NSW Contact me either on here or on 0481211933. Cheers Leigh
  10. hey all. A lot has happened to the rolla since the last post. I've had the twin carbies taken off and rebuilt, has made a huge difference to the amount of fuel its using. It still leaves black marks everywhere i park it though. The rear brakes were pissing out into the drums so i had them redone, which added more pressure into the brake line every time I hit the brakes (as it wasnt leaking out anymore) which in turn blew the master cylinder. Which then ate most of the paint behind the brake booster. The car is up for a respray, the first paint job was ok but who ever did it didn't get all the rust. I got a 2 1/4" exhaust system in. Was pretty loud so I ended putting a longer hotdog in to take off some of the edge. To kill some of the road noise i stripped the interior and boot and put sound deadening in everywhere I could fit it. it has made a massive difference. The car is pretty reliable now, only problem is the amount of fuel and oil it uses at 110kms. it revs at about 3500rpm in fifth and you can definitely smell the oil. Not entirely sure what I'm going to do about that but ill sort something. Future plans are to get the suspension stiffened and possibly lowered. the front springs were cut so they are pretty much useless and the back is stock from back in the day so it'll be getting an extra leaf. Would like to get a nice set of 5 spoke chrome rims for it. maybe 15"-16". Also considering getting a gilmer drive for it. Its pretty much just the cost thats the issue. Thats about it for now. ill add some pictures too. If you have any advice or comments please let me know.
  11. Howdy everyone. I'm after a few things for my 1980 ke55 corolla. If you could help me out please let me know. Some of the parts I'm looking for are: - a manual transmition crossmember - a manual centre console (with or without brackets) - chrome trims for gutters and bonnet My mobile number is: 0481211933 or message me on here. Cheers Leigh
  12. hey all, I'm after the following parts: -a ke55 transmition x-member -a front passengers side seat belt - fully working If you are selling these parts please contact me on either 0481211933 or email me on [email protected] I'm located in the Blue mountains NSW cheers!
  13. Hey I'm just after 4x stock ke55 rims with tyres and 4x stock ke55 u bolts. I'm in the blue mountains nsw area. Please contact me on 0481211933 Cheers leigh
  14. 5k is back in the car but not running yet. looks good though.
  15. Ill probably keep those rims on it for now until i find something better. Those 20s won't be going on it.
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