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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I'm working on a rebuild of my 3k-c with a few upgrades. I want to put a bigger cam in there, but with that I know that I will need to do a few other things including increased compression, stiffer valve springs, and a better flowing exhaust. As for valve springs I am open to any suggestions as to certain brands or companies to go with. The exhaust I can make myself. I have heard that you can get higher compression with a 3k-b head on the 3k-c block, but I do not know much about this. I like the idea of a new head because that means that I do not need to get mine machined, I am just not sure about the logistics. If I were to get a 3k-b head, would I use a 3k-b head gasket, or one for a 3k-c? Also, does anyone have a suggestion as to where I might get a gasket kit for the whole engine? I haven't been able to find many. Any rebuild advice in general would be nice. Sorry if these seem like silly questions, this is an unfamiliar engine to me, and I'm having troubles finding information and parts for it. I figure there are some pretty knowledgeable people on here and it would be greatly appreciated if some wisdom could be shared. Thanks in advance! Goose
  2. Hi Everyone, I've got a 4k head that's having issues and it's coming on time to replace it (believed to be cracked). I'll be going to a wreckers where you do all the parts pulling yourself simply because it's so cheap ($40-50) and my question is, how can I tell if the head is a 4k head? The 3k/4k/5k are apparently interchangeable with varying degrees of performance but I just want another 4k head as I don't want to change anything else other than the head. If you had to walk up to a k engine and pick which head it had, what would you be looking for? Or would you just be going on the make/model of the car and trusting it hasn't had the engine or head swapped? Thanks
  3. Hey guys and girls. I'm new here and have recently put a 4k in my Morris Minor. I replaced the head gasket not long ago and this is the first head gasket I've ever replaced. I thought I did everything right, cleaned off any of the old gasket, checked the head and block for warps with a feeler gauge, tightened head bolts in order and in the stages recommended and to the torque recommended. Followed everything I could find on what to do (and learnt a lot in the process, I have a new fondness for this engine now). Unfortunately she's now leaking extremely badly out of the exhaust. Not steam, just excessive water and will run too hot so I turn her off. It didn't leak at first, but in a couple of weeks (I don't drive it often or far) it started spewing water out. Be gentle, but after much thinking and looking over photos of what I did, I think I found out I'm a complete and utter idiot and installed the head gasket backwards as I didn't take note of which end was where when I took the old one off. Upon looking at images of the gasket, all the holes lined up but I've only just realised now that the two really curved ends of the gaskets have different curvatures. In the attached photo, which end is cylinder 1? The end with the two extra holes on the end and the extra curve (left in the image) or the end with no extra holes (right in the image). I'm ready to kick myself for this but I want to be sure before I take it apart again and guess I'll probably be needing a new gasket. Also, when (if ever) should the head bolts be replaced and where can you get them from? I'm not sure how often the head has been taken off and new bolts couldn't hurt if I continue to have issues. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all Bought a Ke30 from a guy who kept the car in completely original condition, sold it to me for cheap, with the cleanest interior and the straightest body ive ever seen However, judging from the cracked head and milky oil, he probably never looked under the bonnet :bash: Ive bought a new cylinder head, gasket set and in hindsight I'm planning for a radiator recoil and new water pump because the head might of cracked due to cooling issues So a few questions first, should i buy a new radiator or get mine fixed? And I'm getting a mechanically competent friend to take a look at replacing the head, is there anything i should look out for/tips? Also, i heard from a mate that theres no point rebuilding the head if the bottom end is going to be left intact because the head will just crack again, what can i do to the bottom end that provides me with 100% certainty that the engine wont blow up again? Could i please get help? Thank you!
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