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any indonesian here....









dis ma dyno result






mesin 4AGE 16V

- Spark Cable :cBlue Thunder...

- Air Filter :vK&N

- Spark : Champion

- Paint : Original

- Shock Absorber : Custom made Gardenspeed

- Spring : Standard

- Rim : Mitsu CK4 (model evo4)

- Header - Muffler : made in Budi Knalpot

- Steer : Nardi Klasik

- Shift Knob : Custom

- Cable Ground Custom

- Piggy Back Dastek Unichip

- Tuning House www.gardenspeed.com (Taqwa SS)

yang lainnya masih standar


hope ull guys comment bout ma car....

i use for daily... somethin i think i will use it for Event Drag Racing at ma country.....

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hey hey!

finally we got another indonesian here on rollaclub!!

can we have our own section please? :D


salam kenal om! sy deri..


salam kenal buat all indonesian ;)

i am a KE/TE/AE parts hunter from indonesia :D




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mihaka ur indo too? lokasi dimana? wah mobil'y mantep tuh! bisa start new thread, tambah foto2.. hehehe




masih di jakarta mas...pengennya nerusin kuliah di sydney tapi kemaren masih belum dapet, mudah2an tahun depan.

ngumpulin barang-barang dx gt nih mas...kalo ada boleh tuh bantuin saya yah...

foto mobil saya ada di http://autoshow.permaisuri.com/Content/Aut...=20070308155536



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