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The Suspension Thread

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Watts link Type 1 or 2 are used as locating members for a diff and they don't move the diff sideways

when the suspension is in motion like a typical panhard rod setup does, nor needs adjustment in length when lowering.


Watts link type 2 can be used to adjust roll centre which is usually fixed on a live axle setup.


Some factory cars came with watts link eg later falcon is Type 1 and this can be fabricated to your car but be

aware there are 2 types of watts link relating to the design and operation.


Type 1 - The centre is be fixed to the diff and end of the rods to mounts on the car.

This is the fixed style and has no roll centre adjustment.


Type 2 - The centre is fixed to a mount on the car and the ends of the rods to the diff.

This is the roll centre adjustable version.

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