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Jip's 25th Birthday Camping Trip - Borumba Dam


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Well.... TAKE 2


So just like the last thread it will be on Saturday 23rd of January


I was originally wanting to do this over Australia Day but will have to settle for January 23rd as the 26th falls on a Tuesday.


Now Borumba Dam is located west of Noosa (much further inland tho). Its pretty much up the M1 and off at Nambour. NOTE: There is one section of road that is a dirt track. If you don't feel confident on driving on it you might want to take the long way around.


I will also be celebrating my 25th here so I hope we have a great time. I'm telling myself I wont get as drunk as last time but can't be certain. It is my birthday after all. I'll just make sure I'm the one pouring my own drinks. ;)


Here are some pics that I took while scouting the site with Doug...


The view on the way up...


The dirt road...



The Campsite:





Power is only a one off $4 charge for the group.





Lovely showers if Andrew wants to bring Amber again? :lolcry:


Fireplaces are available. So is timber and Ice to purchase.




Meet up 11am at HJ's Castledine. How does that sound? We will be stopping in Imbol for lunch. See if their take away shop can keep up with a flood of customers lOl.


Hope to see you all there!!


Attending so far...

* JiP + 2 x Sisters + 2 x BIL's + 3 x Kids

* Dougie

* Rolladude (Andrew + Son Toby)

* towe001 (Rob + Amber + Kid)

* AE80RollaGuy (Tory - Maybe)

* mitch_mac (Mitch)

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Yep yep count us in

2 adults and one kid this time round. The eldest won't be with us ;)


There might also be three others (2 adults and a 6 month old) with us.


Trying at the moment to convince amber in letting me take the turtle for a run as well :lolcry:

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