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  1. Hi Tim I have a good apron in White but I'm in QLD PM me
  2. Hey Guys n Gals Time has come to sell one of my fleet.... 1997 TownAce SBV very handy yet compact enough to fit in car parks easily.... Body is straight, tailgate is rough though, has 4 windows in the back (2 sliding) (7K-C) Has 400kms but still goes strong, not smoky and runs nice n cool Everything works as it should inc the rear electric locks (A/C needs regas) Has good Light Truck tyres all round Has a HaymanReece towbar with 7pin plug CD Player with New speakers Looking for around $1850 no rego, only selling due to having to many cars Will part out if enough interest Currently located in Redcliffe SMS me anytime 0405 036922
  3. Yeah Tim i just got your message & have sent a reply with my number
  4. Ive had Subaru seats in a KE10 in the past, all bolted straight up from memory. They were out of a wagon the same as a Brumby ute
  5. This breaks my heart when we lose another rare car to the world steel market
  6. KE30/36 PARTS Guards (1R,2L), Early grilles, Bootlids,F Bumpers, Aprons $75 each Van/Wagon Rear bumpers $175 each Bonnet (with Chrome vents) $175 Early White Front Seats $150 pair Early Speedo cluster $50 each Early Dash Plastics etc $P.O.A. (too many too list) Manual Shifter Console with Stereo cutout $50 F & R Seatbelts from Early KE30 ( fronts mount to seat track) $80 I can't put pics up from phone but I'm happy to send them to your phone PM me for contact details I am willing to post the smaller parts at buyers cost
  7. Looking good mate Whereabouts are you located? I saw a QLD number plate in 1 of the pics I have 3 KE1X series corolla's & have quite a few parts available if needed
  8. Thanks Chris At this stage it looks like ive got my weekends back so i should be there.......can't wait I will bring the shade too
  9. Yeah its basically a gathering for all enthusiasts.....bring your car in & join us We usually just chill out for a chat/swap parts/coldies etc. Bring a chair too mate, we usually setup a Gazebo for shade aswell... (when I'm there anyway..which I will be)
  10. I can't get away from work otherwise I would
  11. Complete BigPort 4A-GE still running in car. Comes with Loom, ECU etc as required. $700 Located in Rothwell QLD (30mins north of Brisbane) SMS me 0405 036922 Dougy Complete car available for $1000
  12. These are the only Hilux that I would own...again I had 2 of these a few years back....long story short, they're long gone now....ggrrrrr
  13. This is the coolest/most practical bike so far..... Awesome. I must go to the shed now to commence dismantling my Bug scooter coz it is nowhere near cool....lol
  14. Those crowns Lilredspirit linked would be already raided if they weren't so far away
  15. ^^^Always a good cruise (catching up mostly....) when Carlos is there. Also knew the best refreshment venues
  16. I can't wait that long guys..... 11th/12th Jan sounds good to me Who else is keen?
  17. Toyota. Cool. Old. Very practical Awesome combination & very nice to drive I must say Always enjoy driving an oldie
  18. Boxing day then Brendan....... Seriously though, Early January would be fine guys
  19. Time to go for a cruise again..the weather is not so cold anymore, so lets get out n about to enjoy it I would prefer a Nebo run through to Sunny coast but anywhere will do Even a night run could work Just throwing some ideas up there for discussion.......feel free to add your own input
  20. Hey Andy, I heard a little rumour that you now own one of these.........
  21. Hey Brendan, got any more details about $1000 one? I think i could be tempted to own one of these in the near future.....
  22. I think i can help you. I will PM my number
  23. Might be a good idea to post a pic......as KE35 was not released till late '74. Maybe it is actually KE25???
  24. Last i heard it was smashed in the front & Joel (pmp16) supplied the parts to keep it alive....... Yeah Reed i agree with you totally...as cool as a Datto but much better because Corolla
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