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Yet Another Ke36 :)


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Hey everyone.


Well was on eBay just yesterday on my lunch break at work seeing if there where any 5k's on there. And cam across my old ke36 from when I was in Canberra. As some may now this is also geoff's old wagon. I bought it off geoff. Then sold it back to geoff. This guy got it from geoff and is now selling it, so I'm buying it back lol.


For those that don't know. This car is running a 5k with k40. Has had the rust cut out from the front guards. Standard manifold and exhaust back from there. Right on 95db :rolls: was slammed, with some 16's. Now standard height on s13 stockies. And comes with a set of corolla stockies. Paint on the roof is faded to the shit house. Has prelude front seats in it also and dished steering wheel. Air horn. Headlights are pretty damn bright lol.


Plans are rwc, rego, sound system then let mum use it till I get my license back. Will put up all my pics of it when I get home from work.



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Yeah this will be the 3rd lol. And I'm still yet to go look at the local one. But I think he wants like $300 and all the front ends off it. Rusted out doors. Engine is out of it. Exhaust in the cabin. Smashed rear side window. Won't get that one unless it's being pretty much give. Away. Not worth $300 at all.


Picking up the one from Adelaide not this weekend but next. Then 1 or 2 weekends after that will be picking up this one from Canberra. Both the ones from Canberra and Adelaide are light blue also. And the colour I want to paint the purple one is velocity blue from the ba xr falcon's which is also a light blue lol. Not sure I want 3 almost the same colour haha

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just a few pics for the moment, these were taken not long after i bought it, in a rest area about half way between canberra and qld, yes i drove it to qld and back. sent myslef a little insane i think with having no sound system at all however though.














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took a few pic's to show what this thing looks like now. rolling on s13 stockies rear and 14" stockies front. also found a fair few new rolla parts in the back of it :) chrome window winders, brand new spark plugs, other chrome bits and pieces. wrapped in bubble wrap, yet to unwrap and see what they are exactly.







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Was talking to my mate that owns Protig the other day about this. And possibly most likely going to twincharge it :) sc14 charger. And need to work out what size turbo yet. We reckon my spare turbo which is a standard rb20det item would be to small with it being twincharged

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Yeah we know that lol. That's why it's done already while trevor's still in melb. His coming up this weekend to check out the room and that. Remember were making the inlet now to so we should hopefully have some more room then you :P


finished merge collector :y:







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