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Rust Repair In Perth


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Okay, I have been searching non-stop to find someone to do rust repairs on my KE55.

I have been looking at many different panel beaters/painters etc. only to be disappointed with them saying that they only do insurance work.

Is there anyone here that can do rust repairs on it for decent money?

I am expecting up to about $5k and I'm sure some panels will need to be replaced, I have a mate that is on standby to paint her up, I just need someone to get rid of the rust.

NOR or SOR don't really care as long as they are good and decent priced.

Any help would be appreciated.



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do it ure self sand the rust grind the rust cut rust weld new sections in sand the weld bits back grind some more rust sand sand grin grind weld weld lol thats what i was told I'm thinking of find another t18 shell and cutting out the section that are rusted on mine from the donnor car then weld it straight in just got to find a t18 shell and a welder :D

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a guy in welshpool does rust repaires, he basically gets it ready to go to panel shop for final prep and paint he owns a place called classic olden thats not a spelling mistake, it is actually spelt olden, not sure if he does all cars but he fixed rust in my wb kinga a while back does a really good job

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