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Fuel Filter On An 06 Corolla

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I have an 06 Corolla and have just been servicing it. It has one of those fuel filters that is apart of the pump assembly under the back seat. As the manual said I need to change this after 50,000km's I have done this but now the fuel is not running down the lines into the injectors. Was just wondering if anyone has had any similar issues and if anyone was able to resolve their issue as at the moment I am unable to start the car.

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On this model of the Corolla the fuel filter is actually apart of the fuel pump assembly and is in the fuel tank itself. You have to take the back seat out to be able to get to it and then take the whole assembly out and apart to change the filter. Now that I have put it back in it seems fuel is running down the line but not all the way to the injectors and I have taken it out and apart again but still cannot see anything wrong with the assembly and the lines aren't blocked so I am a bit stumped. Also the pump is still working because it is pumping fuel out of the assembly.

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