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Ae92 Nove New Project


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He is right parts alone for the engine would be around 6k... and thats still being generous. Check out the formula atlantic motor because that is what you will be building to get those results, and theyre 20k second hand last time i checked!



Also don't get sway bars mixed with braces, sway bars connect the suspension arms together via the chassis and stop body roll. Sway bars are more effective than putting braces on our cars... do the braces after sways and coils



Wheel bearings arent bad... theyre alot worse on some other cars...

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yeah bro i know the different between a sway bar and a struct brace... Will be looking into sway bars 1st ofcoures.... after a bit more research... would love the 4AGE 20 vaule in a AWD jap/USA Import.... other wise rather mod the 4AFC/E.. Also know some engineers who can convert her from a Front wheel to a AWD for a few cartons of grog..


Anyway guys body work will be complete soon will update pics hopfully tommrow or in a few days.. Paint job still a few weeks away...


Please wait for further updates befor you guys reply to this post.... At Most 1 week away from some seroius upgrades....


This post is only to give a quick update on my cars progress... Thxs all... Hope ues enjoy

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