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  1. most likely cause is that it is low on gas and has a leak in the system somewhere. Or I would also be checking the fuses just incase

    Upi Spotted

    Saw a 2000 celica @ Eliz, the 2zzge was minus a couple of coilpacks but look mostly intact.
  3. it will be leaking oil out of the bottom of the pump, when you remove the pump, turn it upside down and you will see two breather holes that the oil was leaking from. had this happen on my old 4afc. replace the fuel pump, its the only way to fix it.
  4. Interesting, actually never thought of the switch its self. But in saying that I personally never have had a hazard switch fail before.
  5. That's odd indeed, I have never come across that one in an ae9x before.
  6. Indicators won't work if the hazard switch isn't connected.


    Green and black ae86, looked.like the green was from the Holden colour palette. Very nice indeed.

    Murd's 55

    If you think a 4age is good. You should try a boosted version :P

    Murd's 55

    Do you still have the purple beast or another Rolla?
  10. lol, believe it or not i was looking for the recessed headlight setup when i was driving my ae92 hatch. But i found it to expense at the time to source the setup so let it slide and now I'm glad i did as you right the corner lights do look like arse
  11. orangeLJ - Nah i do believe the OP means the ae91 sprinter. which looks the pic below. Sedan Liftback if you looking to swap the font end look you will pretty much need : - basic setup headlights with inbuilt fogs, grill to suit, front bumper, bonnet from a seca(as ae95 slight different due to original griil) full setup headlights with inbuilt fogs, grill to suit, parking lights/indicators, front gaurds with the corner marks on top as these plug into the indicators/parking lights, front bumper, bonnet from a seca(as ae95 slight different due to original griil)
  12. should be interchangeable as the gearbox will have come from an 4A/7A engine
  13. hatchbach/sedan are the same. But in saying that there is 2 different versions, of indicator/corner lights. one with the indicator/parking light together in the one housing. Then there is the type with the parking light only..
  14. highly recommend, contacting barry and getting a price, i using a set of fortune auto 500's, with a 6/4 kg spring combo for daily driving I'm my AE9X sec. Also as hiro said no different suspension wise between hatch/seca or sedan in the ae9X range
  15. bendix's catalogue states bs1602 for all ae8x/9x rear drums http://www.bendix.co...atalogue/10158# << link to catalogue page.
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