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4Afe To 4Ag(Z)E Engine Mounts


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So I’m swapping a 4AGZE out of an AE92 Corolla and dropping it into a less bent AE92 that used to have a 4AFE mounted in there. It appears that the 4AGZE was mounted a little dodgily (fits with the rest of the car) and the Right hand side (timing cover) engine mount appears to have been cut off the inside of the guard and this abortion fitted, pics to follow.

I’ve done a little bit of research, enough to realize that the ZE installation appears to be dodgy and that I should be able to use a 4AGE mount and drop it into the new shell. Looking up ToyoDIY though, Toyota have different part numbers for the 4AGE mounts and the 4AFE mounts. There are also different part numbers for the bracket that bolts to the engine. I would have thought they were all the same, given they are all based on a 4A block, and some info I found while googling appears to agree with this view, people claiming you can drop a GE into a corolla using the FE mounts.

But, thought I’d throw it out there, has anyone else looked closely at this and worked out if there is a real difference in the mounts ? Perhaps someone has a pic of the 4AGE mount and bracket that they can post up. I’ll post some photo’s of the 4AFE mount that I currently have. I’m sure I can make it fit with the FE mount, but if it’s not as strong or whatever then I’ll do it right this time round, rather than having to pull the mount further down the track.

As always, any help appreciated.

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So, lack of replies led me to chasing down an original 4AGE mount from a seller on ebay (the mount's a little worse for wear than advertised), I haven't stripped the 4AFE mount off to compare them properly yet, but intial inspection shows that the rubber appears to be the same.

The rubber on this mount is cracked, so I'll have to press a new bush into anyway, hopefully can still get hold of those from Toyota or an aftermarket supplier.





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Ripped the 4AFE mount off the engine tonight and took some photo's to compare.






By my measurements the mounts are the same distance off the motor to the center of the mounting pin.

The GE mount just looks to be strategically 'trimmed' presumably to fit around the timing cover and possibly the timing belt. The mount to the motor is subtlety different, but looks as though you could use a GE mount on the end of an FE motor mount. Rubber in the bush is the same configuration, so no strength advantage of using one over the other.


Won't be pulling the motor out for a while, but when I do I'll check out the differences as to how they fit on the motor.

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I am sorry for the lack of replies, but i assure you. You with your investigation has helped me regain trust in my upcoming project, i am new to this car scene and own a 4afe corolla (fwd). I am currently trying to blacktop swap it and wanted to know if the mounts would be the same, so i’d know if the way the block faces would stay the same. I am tending to keep it fwd for now but the seller of my blacktop (levin) says it comes with a lsd 6 speed transmission.
please if you want to keep me updated on your project you would be of so much help! I am trying to figure this shit out on myself but can't figure it out properly. Good luck with your project dude!

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