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Corona, Please Help!


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I own a 1980 Toyota Corona xt130 wagon (xt131?). It has 108000 kms on the clock and is running of a crappy 1.9L Holden Starfire engine. It was my first car and I didn't know what a nightmare the engine would be.


Anyway, recently I have been having some issues with it. While driving the car will sometimes randomly start jolting pretty violently and to stop it I apply the clutch. In extreme cases it will continue as i slow and change down gears until it eventually stalls. After letting it sit for a while it usually works fine. The first times this happened it was going up hill at medium speeds (60 & 80 km/h) but now it has happened on straights after a while of driving.


I replaced the fuel filter, but this didn't really help. I was thinking it could be something wrong with the carb or fuel pump as it seems to be a starvation issue but I am no mechanic so I don't know! Also it has no fan shroud if that would make much of a difference (vapour lock?)


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


Still love it's looks though, old toyotas are the greatest.


Cheers, Jordan.




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Measure the fuel flow at the carb- just run it into a coke bottle and time it for L/min. 1.5L/min feeds twin DCOE Webers on a 2L 18RG, so somewhat less than that would be fine.


The strip the carb and remove the jets & wash everything out with petrol pumped through a syringe. Then pump petrol through all the drillings in the carb.


..or just take it to a carb place and have them strip & clean it. Not starting cold sounds like a lack of richness for sure.


hmmm... my old man had a leaf in the fuel tank that would randomly get sucked over the outlet and starve it. When the motor died and the car stopped the leaf would float away without the suction to hold it on.. What was the old fuel filter like inside?

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