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Bored This Sunday - Brizzylyf


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Hey folks, work keep sending me up to brizzy plant to sort stuff out. I'm flying up for another two week stay today and will no doubt want something to do on this coming weekend. I'm staying near story bridge and don't have a hire car. Any suggestions welcomed or if someone wants to organise a cruise even better. Alternatively if you need help with a project car, come get me and I'll give you a hand. I'm a fitter/welder so I'd be better off helping rather than wasting time stuck in an apartment.




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I'm across the road from story bridge hotel, already thrashed that pub and my liver. Was kinda hoping to stop drinking just for the weekend and do something a bit more normal. ie: car related. If nobody wants help with a project car I'll go out exploring. I could possibly end up driving 'shudders the fancy fairmont' on the weekend because my crazy work colleague bought a car yesterday so there's a vacant company car...

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