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  1. So a guy walks into a bar... haha wow check out that birdcage, solid work!!
  2. Hi All, selling unknown condition 1JZ non VVTI (no manifolds) and A340 box with convertor and fly, is being used for conversion in non toyo car. LN series 2WD hilux diff, open centre, 4.11, not cut down, standard drum brakes and 5 stud, also for conversion, has tailshaft, have the tailshaft from my KE30 with SR20 input also if of interest $1300 total, pick up north brisbane, see below pics, items are stored in my shed as they sit currently
  3. Really 2 hands matt? Sounds good tho and didn't even stall it up it seems
  4. Yes Matt, come round sometime
  5. Progress somewhat, I've got 2 more totalling 3, a wagon and 2 door, more engines, cages, and all things silly
  6. Fuel cell all bolted in now, and has rear firewall for boot fills, not sure if to paint same as car tho
  7. I would recommend another fab guy but is in bribie and did my cortina, Keep chipping away at it, almost a bird cage in their
  8. So this slapper has been ignore as busy at Uni and home reno's Plumbing, side bars, seats etc etc yadda yadda, you know what a car looks like
  9. Jordan does a hydro pedal box conversion on exchange of your own unit, hit him up
  10. May not be how how you wanted to spend the day, but think how easy it is to work on these cars Matt, haha
  11. Some boring updates as not much is happening and keeping the spirit alive i guess. Changes the manifold to a T3 external gate thing Better look at the 6 link rear end on the ground i suppose Tried some OM 17" simmons not sure if I'm convinced tho, or go FR18 perhaps, Another pic in the sun, could do with some work, did not take a pic with the Recaro seats in tho, kind of over it somewhat
  12. Coming along well, different approach to 1/3 chassis car perhaps? haha Why not a rear clip tho, your almost there
  13. eeesh Matt, that has got to suck big time, have you heard of Garage Redzone around Caloundra?, Dave Cox runs the shop, you would know his Gemini he built, could i suggest if you need access to things, I'm sure he could pass you onto his contacts. I have heard of slingshot before, but not if its the same one operating some 12-13 years on now
  14. What's the reasoning with SMIC? The cross over pipe? Will kit look to bulky since you changed rim size and without sitting it on the ground with some 10" wide rims?
  15. Going by the pics, those white wheels suit it better, could have had them colored or hydro dipped, Delete rear wing
  16. Won't fit on front, what are you replacing them with?
  17. What offset ate those rims, I'm looking for the Cortina
  18. Bro you really need to get some plates
  19. The big question is shane, do you still have yours?
  20. I still say EVO, either CE9A or CP9A, 4 cylinder and 4 doors family man
  21. BUZ440

    Spotted Qld

    I see heaps around, but nothing worth mentioning or the effort to go to post here haha, seen one, seem em all
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