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'69 Ke10 Build

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hey my names dylan , i have a ke10 corolla siiting out the back , its been there for like 20 years and i am thinking about rebuilding it, i am thinking about putting something like a sr20/ca18/1jz etc... , i want it to be a relable car for normal day use but also thrash it around every so oftern , want it to be something like a 3 thousond doller build at max , any ideas , parts, tips i should know before i start hacking it up??????

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I'm with B.L.Z.Bub, Iam currently mid way through a 3SGE Beams into KE11 and it has cost me 15k while doing all the work myself. 4A would be the easiest but you will still need around 10k to do it properly. Maybe a 5k woiuld suit your budget more??? Good luck :)

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Don't hack it up...There are plenty of things you can do without hacking on one of the best built cars in the world...you don't need a bunch of special stuff to make these cars run like crazy...the stock parts can be had cheap...all you really need is a bit more compression like the 10-1 the K-B's had....little head work will fix that....as far as handling...learn to drive it, learn what it does...sand, snow, ice, mud, woods, fields, pavement, dodging idiots...never been stuck, never been stranded...changing out all the stuff doesn't make a better driver out of you....just ask the many, many souped up Honda drivers who only know what the back of my Rolla looks like. Maybe we have different gas over here, but this little rolla would scream and it was simply a stock 3K with a K head and dual 2-1 extractors. Top measured speed 131mph, as per police radar.

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