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How To Fit A Celica Diff To A Ke70

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This really started off last December, when Steve thought he'd bring me a banjo 4.1 for my birthday. It came from an abandoned KE70 on the roadside, and it turned out the reason it was abandoned was that one wheel bearing had collapsed completely and the oil was like metal-flake paint.


So I thanked him politely and declined, running the 4.3 up and down to Walcha at somewhere over 1000km a trip. It started to get whiny, so the next trip was to the local wrecker.


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First up was to remove the KE70 Borg-Warner. Its just 5 bolts on the diff, (4 arms and a panhard) the brake line, (stick a bleed nipple rubber on the line to stop it leaking) the handbrake cables, the two shocks and 4 bolts on the driveshaft. My daughter can do it in 3/4hour.


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Celicas use 14mm bolts, so their mounts have 14mm holes, but the Corolla uses 12mm. Luckily there are old Datsuns with old sway bar mounts on the front suspension, and those washers take a 14mm sway bar hole down to 12mm. I had a few, and then it was off to the wreckers again for a while as there were only two on each car I found, but in the end I had 8.


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I had to put the Borgie back in to measure the driveshaft, so make sure you make a mark in the chassis by the middle joint of the driveshaft and measure to the nose of the Borgwarner. Then swap diffs and measure from that mark to the banjo diff nose. It should be 8mm shorter, as the banjo is longer in the nose, and that is why their different arm mounts all work in a KE70 .


You need the KE70 driveshaft and the last UJ off the RA60 and a driveshaft engineer. Two of the KE70 d'shaft holes line up and two don't, and the Celica has a smaller diameter locating shoulder, so there is no chance of using the KE70 driveshaft.


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