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Watch This Space..!(Mma Related)


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  • 10 months later...

was about to post about Connor's most recent fight, forgetting i had this old one here.

Valid points there, L.R.S.

He did well on the weekend and now looks to be getting a top 5 guy..!

his striking and TD defense, is on point

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your very valid point is my most hated part of the scoring system and i agree with you mate.

and they probably will sit on him and hump a decision, to my disgust, lol

I will say he is very aware of his shortfalls, like Ronda Rousey was considered a one trick pony, but is fast to close those holes in the game.

tho, a year or two in wrestling is nothing compared to a Div. 1 wrestler who has done it all his life.

but i spose, its why MMA is MMA

Agree BJ should have retired a few years back mate, he is a legend and it hurts me so much watching him come back out and fight, much like the Nog's, Crocop, Fedor and co. they were past their prime when the UFC snapped them up and most 'new to MMA' fans, havent seen them at their best..


And Struve is an interesting case mate. he has bloody panic attacks, has a Heart Murmur and something in his head isnt right? going by who you talk to or read..

scary stuff.

Either way, i don't think he should be fighting anymore, at the least til the docs give him the 'all clear'

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