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hay guys. a lot of you will recognise this pano that simo was building. i finally got it delivered and started we he left.


I'm still going the 13b turbo set up with a 5 speed as i love my rotaries and ke's


i understood the cvar was sitting in primer for quiet sometime so i went over alooottttt of the body work over the weekend. bringing and welding a few bits and pieces to make it perfect.


i also cut out the rear panels to fit windows. some of you will like it some will hate it.


anyway just a quick up date to tell you this project has come back to life and i will be finishing it 100%post-19087-0-22205300-1382985490_thumb.jpgpost-19087-0-48124100-1382985373_thumb.jpgpost-19087-0-81709100-1382985503_thumb.jpg

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little up date on the car. as i started pulling it apart i noticed more and more shit that was not worth fixing. the car was not to any standard even worth trying to fix. rust threw out the whole car that was repaired with fibre glass and bog. I'm that disappointed its a joke. i stripped all that was worth stripping and threw the shell in the scrap yard.


worst car i have ever bought.

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just picked up a minnnttttt stock as a rock 26 wagon. white in colour. plans are to leave the paint and interior and still but my 13bbpt in it. kind of a sleeper look for now until things get serious.


13b series 6 bridgeport turbo

supre 5 speed (for now)

hilux diff

i have a set of ae86 coil overs for it.

convo pros

slotted falcon brakes all round


just confused what set up to run on the rear.


what leafs/shocks do i use. keep in mind the car will have some killer bees underneath her.

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