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Nathan Walker R.i.p.

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The Canberra rally community said good bye to one of its young members yesterday. The funeral service for the Late Nathan Walker who was killed in a 2 car accident while returning home from the Captains Flat Rally (round 1 of the ACT championships and NSW Championship round) with his dad Stuart and mum Linda. All three are CAMS officials and are keen local rally volunteers.


Nathan was 13 and was looking forward to his 14th Birthday so he could start driving in Khanacross events and was a keen rally fan. The local rally clubs all but stopped Canberra traffic as the funeral cortege of family and rally cars left Kingston for Norwood Park. After the garden service Nathan was taken to the Norwood Park chapel through a guard of honor of rally cars and his school mates. Neal Bates also attended the service and his Corolla was in the guard of honor as well.


Our hearts go out to Stuart, Linda and Jason at this sad time.


Rest In Peace Nathan.

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What on earth is going on here!!!


First Kevin... now Nathan! This is indeed a sad month!


My sincere condolences to all family and friends associated with this young rally driver in heart! :y:


May he rest in peace and his eagerness to rally be an inspiration to others.


(bows head)

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  • 14 years later...

14 years on and while the pain has dimmed it will never go away.

We miss Nathan every day, and are truly thankful to everyone who have helped us heal after this horrible event in our lives.

Thanks and please keep your loved ones safe, more importantly stay safe yourselves xo

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