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  1. Hey all. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you all to a new car audio based competition. This is a new format that I've put together (withe the assistance of MEA administration) to create a whole new level of fun competition. I present to you... Bass Battle! And the event? I host the Bass Battle events personally, so even if you're not keen on competing... come up and say hi eitherway :)
  2. Congratulations to Jarrad and Mel and I wish them and the new addition all the good health (and luck! :P) that follows with the joys of parenthood :)
  3. :blinks: :rolls: EEEEH WELL.
  4. ^^^ As mentioned, always remember to ground (or earth) to the chassis/body of the car... If I can recall corectly on these models, the light puprle with the red tracer wire was your accessories wire and your constant (which I also stress... FUSE it), was red. I may be wrong. But if you see these wire, splice into them and test them with a test light ($5 from Jaycar!)
  5. OK, I've got an AE71 across the road from my place. I'm in Mill Park if you wanna come an inspect it. PM me for more details.
  6. And I'd be more inclined to reduce the asking price a little bit, in my honest opinion. Reason being is that people would be a little put-off if they were to; for example... see something like this. Just helping you clear your gear, dude.
  7. This WILL be the last time I'll go moving threads. If you have ANY car audio gear that you want to sell... it goes HERE. The next thread will be erased. Consider this a friendly warning and good luck with the sale.
  8. Boys/Girls... I've had an emergency come up (VERY unexpected) which I'm not exactly thrilled about. I'll have to give this one a miss. My apologies and I'll will NEED to make this up to you all for the absence. Hope everyone has fun tonight and I hope the rain doesn't hit you all tonight. :paw:
  9. HAHAHAHA! Yeah, that was a while back :) Looking forward to it. No doubt, there'll be some stories to exchange ;)
  10. Should be interesting to see how far these meets have come.... since I organised Rollaclub's first BBQ day for Vic members; which you can see HERE. :) Put me down, boys :paw:
  11. Funny you should mention about this one. I've got it on my watch list on ebay at the moment. It's at $1500 and it's saying reserve not met"... so he looks like he's expecting abit for it. Having said that... the car is good for it. I've browsed through the car and it's an awesome project starter! Cheers for the notification, anyway.... I'll keep an eye on it :P
  12. Guys and girls, I'm in search of my old love.... a 1975-1977 model KE35 Corolla Hardtop 2 door :lol: Providing the car is in fair enough condition (reasonably fixable). If it has rust spots or replacement panel damage, that's fine. It'll give me soemthing to muck around with on the weekends :dance: Up to $1500 (Not expecting a Merc for these dollars) I'm in Mill Park in Victoria PM me through here or email pictures/details to [email protected]
  13. Hey Nick. I just reached into my back pocket... and I pulled this little book out that entitled: "Gregory's Corolla 1300 KE55 Series Service and Repair Manual. No 184" I'm in Mill Park so if you'd like to send me a private message, we can work something out for you :dance:
  14. Nobs.. yell out if you want a hand doing this, dude! You forget who used to do what you do now 3 years ago :lolcry: And CONGRATS on the wedding :lovin: enjoy the honeymoon too :lol:
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