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  1. beer - teds, coronas or VB spirits - bundy, or bundy OP Anything to get me inebriated
  2. Subaru L-series go brilliant off road, through pretty thick sand. Only thing that lets them down is the ground clearance. I'd imagine the tercel, being almost identical in those kidna figures, would be the same :hmm: L-series has a bit of aftermarket stuff though, when it comes to liftkits etc
  3. Guess whos back :hmm: .... wonder if that'll grind anyones gears
  4. Sorry to butt in on another topic, but this computer is so f@$ked that I can't make new topics. Chris: I need to speak to you regarding a running k motor. My mate needs one, now, and I figured you'd be the bloke that'd have one or know where one was. If you could contact me on 0419950012 or jump on msn now, we can talk. Cheers, Dan
  5. Haha i'd assumed you had a 4ac one coz of your hate of injection and love of carbs. my bad. 4ac are shit anyway. Lol chris i have never changed my phone number, ever. lol. still the same one, 0419950012... spewing i missed out on that though haha, suss me out another $200 rolla and it'll have pride of place in my driveway haha Dan
  6. Bust out the KE35 to gnangara and come get me. haha. ae86 ay? what happened to the ae93 that you had.. get bored of fwd injection and went back to the old school rwd carbs? nice
  7. Haha good to see that i was loved :locked: Nah, basically a series of events happened that can explain my absence from rollaclub for so long; Firstly, I had an argument with a local member of this forum, of whom in my opinion was a total dickhead, who i had an argument with outside of the forum, continued into the forum and abused my position as region leader to 'get back at him' in a kinda childish manner. This was dead wrong, and I was suspended from the forum for a period of time. Soon after that I moved out to gnangara. Bloody great place to live, I'm enjoying living *just* outside of the metro area, but the bloody telco's won't let us have broadband internet out here, and I'm too bloody impatient to live with 56k. I've lost contact with alot of the forums I've been associated with as a result of this, which really pisses me off. But hey, I guess thats the price I've gotta pay to live out here. About a month after I moved out here I was smacked full blow across the head with a mallet at school by another dickhead student. This put a 6-8" fracture in my skull, permanent damage to my hearing and a ten day stay in the hospital. It rendered me pretty much useless for about 6-8 weeks because i couldn't concentrate on shit all - three months away from driving, drinking and operating machinery was the doctors orders. Shit happens. So yeah. Thats where I've been since the start of the year. I haven't died, I'd never go on witness relocation and i'm not in jail. I'm just out here in Gnangara being a hillbilly haha. I've still got my rolla, its still not finished but I do have aspirations of completing the project soon. The way things are going, i'll probably get to race it for around six months, but thats the price I have to pay for my blatant laziness. Haha. I've still got my soob wagon, and yeah i'm still into fords and subi's :D Gotta say that Chris is doing a legendary job as region leader, much better than I was/had/could of done. Good on ya mate. So how the f@$k are ya WA? Dan
  8. Dan


    For some reason I can't make a new topic, so i posted it in here instead.... sorry if this f@$ks up the system you've got going hey people after hospital time, internet withdrawal symptoms, a temporary suspension from this forum after and a bullshit tee year, i'm back i see chris is doing a f@$king great job as region leader. proud to say that hes doing a far greater job at it then i had the possibility of doing. so whats been cracking in wa rollaclub? give us a rundown on 2007 ;) for what i've missed Dan.
  9. Old mans Mach One, a race-prepped SLR-5000 and a SS ute.... fast cars But its more fun doing burnouts then it is going stupidly fast :P
  10. 7/10 for your pic Raven Couldn't think of anything else - so heres some pictures of neons in my subi haha
  11. Only if you went 12a - from what i've heard, in the many times that this has been brought up and never followed through. Good luck
  12. Drift damage haha Sorry to hear it man - you'll have it looking as shmick as before in no time
  13. Smooth as... very nice ;)
  14. You won't be able to use a timing light if the car won't start. Have you seen if your getting spark? Does the motor turn over? Has it got fuel, and more importantly, is it recieving fuel and pumping fuel into the carby?
  15. Ummm. Daewoo? You know, the one they rebadged as the new Barina? But on another note, good on ya man.. looks like your having a ball, we want hire car burnout/thrash video/pic's :P
  16. I think I speak on behalf of rollaclub here when I ask for pictures of your bush-basher :P
  17. Thats FA compared to what Geoff used to go through... even tho you're talking massive amounts yourself.. Shame that nobody seems to want to sell there cars in perth. Either that, or sell 'em for ridiculous amounts of money, unlicenced corollas they'll chase 250-300 bucks for, ripoff
  18. Dan made a stupid mistake, that being bringing an out-of-rollaclub argument into the forums, by abusing my region leader priveleges. Stupid actions on my behalf... Anyway. I'm back. Won't be happening again - for more reasons than one. Dan.
  19. I'd just be happy to have my speedway project completed...
  20. Dan

    My Ke35

    Looks hot man.. haven't had a chance to speak to you on msn for ages, but seen it on your dp.. f@$kin' overrated mate, find another louvre for it asap, they're hawt ;) Looks like what my coupe looked like before I stripped it.. except mines blue, was full of rust, and wasn't lowered/superlites... hahahaha.. but it had the same stripes and a louvre :hmm:
  21. Couldn't have said it better myself, that and the 'bikie squad' here in WA... bunch of f@$khead wankers I've had two coppers push me around with alot of force, with no f@$king reason to, I was sober, in my f@$king school uniform for christs sakes, throw me up against their cop car, cuff me, put me in the back, take me to the cop shop and then 'charge' me with refusal to give personal details. Thats f@$ked... I felt like smacking the f@$ker straight in the head, especially when the chief dude of the cop shop came and angrily told me its the wrong thing to do, pushing coppers around... f@$k off, I didn't touch that c**t Lol, I guess you work at maccas.. poor c**t, coppers came into my work about a month or so ago, right before we closed, and had the nerve to ask whether they get discount there or not (I work at hj's).. they didn't like it when we said no :P Same with WA cops No shit, I was just about to go into the pines once for a bit of 4wding fun (with old man, i drive when where in there but its still classed as public roads) and there was 14 coppers on XR250 road/trails - all the same helmets, pants, bikes... just with police vests on. Lucky... I also passed a copper in a 4wd patrol when I was driving the bathurst track... he was decent though, he seen me, took a good look, and must have thought 'f@$k it, its a young bloke fulfilling his dream'.. which I was, more or less... Your last comment, 7shades, I whoely agree with and as I just wrote before.. couldn't have said it better myself. Congratulations mate.. that was bloody well said
  22. Lovin' the electrical tape around the computer tower, nice touch :)
  23. Thats insane.. Probably be easier to throw around than a pocket bike too, I hate not being able to lean in far enough on 'em
  24. I was under the impression that KE36 was KE3x wagon/pano and KE38 was the KE5x wagon/pano. Could pretty easily be wrong though.
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