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  1. Have 4 rims Tyres fitted with ok tread, there 225/40z r18 Nice looking rims 10 spoke painted black, I had them on my hiace van. Rims are in s.a, down in victor harbor Price- $500 firm Give us a text an I can send ya some pics other wise ya have to wait till I get some uploaded on here. Contact : 0434497671 Cheers, Haydn.
  2. hey all, need cash to fund a move ! So up for sale is my 1974 ke26 wags, car is engineless, straight as fresh respray inside outside backside frontside in the new ford territory mocha colour, car still needs to be put back together, have every part to complete as well as loads of other rare spares, everythings bagged an labled, also have brand new parts eg dash, indicators, front corner garnishes. Have all glass, bumpers ect, just need someone with some motivation an some spare time! THAT SOMEONE COULD BE YOU! shes got super low king springs an 2inch blocks, 14inch rims brand new tread all round, also have spare sets of wheels if interested at no extra charge, set of 14 inch skyline rims an set of original 12inchas all have minimal rubber. Paint work an body work alone was 5g, selling cheap as I'm 'hoping' for a quick sale. iv owned her for aaaaaaaages an hope it goes to a good home an dosnt get crashed! grr Location: Victor Harbor South Aus, been garaged there for years now Price: $4000 ono buyer will need a trailer unless ya wana flintstone it. give me a text or a ring if ya wana no anything else, 0434497671 this is how it sits now-
  3. Ye not gunna bother about the diff until It brakes, an Ye pre keen for coilovers an to add a leaf spring, not really sure what have you done suspension wise?
  4. Ye mine won't be sneezin but, were abouts are u ? Adelaide?
  5. Hey Ryan, Ye I'm Not on here much either, Ye man I'd say youl have some parts I'd need, ill be in touch. Cheers, Ye ben still got her, I could be keen on that exhaust hey I'll let ya no, Cheers guys I'll try an get on here an post some more pics of it as it progresses. Yew
  6. so engine bay is painted, inside is gettin done this wknd an then body. got an engine lined up in a couple weeks to get dropped in, brap brap brap! EXITED!!!!! wooooooooooo pre sure it will be the only 13b ke26 in adelaide, well (victor harbor) so thats pre cool. :)
  7. whats happenin rolla bros! Had this wags for a few years now, scored a job in the mines start of this year, so now its all guns blazin to do everything iv ever wanted to do to this car, plans are complete propa respray in the new ford territory mocha colour inside an out, wanted a colour that didnt stand out like "hey mr po po look at ma blood orange corolla its gotta rota braaaaaaap! defect.." ya no? so i wanted to blend in with the rest of the crowd an try an keep it oldskoolish? haha, but still look fukin overrated. as for everything else iv just pulled everything out an will be getting the back seat retrimmed new white roof lining make up some new door trims an get them all retrimmed an lookin sexy, also want to get two bucket seats for the front just some nice plain black ones keep it classy, all new carpet, gotta brand new dash got new indicators an corner garnishes an all that crap, as for its heart iv pulled the 4k out an had all the wiring hidden in the guards an will be fitting very shortly a 13b bridgey just n/a don't want turbs. heres some pics of a month or so back up until how it sits now. lets us no what ya reks c**ts
  8. so adjustable strut tops, does this mean i can adjust it down to what ever hight like coilovers??? could be intersted. my super low king springs arnt low enough.
  9. bahaha, ye i was assuming the boat. fair effort tho big farkin drive for a little rolla
  10. yeh just after a worked 5k engine for my wagon, or stock what ever ya got looking to spend up to $1500 for the right motor, has to be running ready to drop in wire up an drive, don't need the gear box but let us no what ya got. I'm in s.a, down in victor, would be keen to keep it local adelaide region. pm me cheers, haydo.
  11. haha ye true would be a pre sweet cruze, cept when i brake down hah, ill have sus of frieght an hit that post up if I'm keen. cheers
  12. Pretty keen mate, so It drives even with the diff issues? Do have any idea atall on freight costs to s.a ??
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