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  1. Hey ke70-noob I'm guessing you are the guy from sydney. I've never posted wheels before and haven't had time to look into it so i haven't replied yet. I'll let you know this week.
  2. Still for sale. Need to sell ASAP.
  3. Parts: 14x7 Colin Enkei Crossfevers (7-JJx14) + 8 Bridgestone Potenza tyres Reoo1. Condition: Very good condition but has a few scratches. Price: $600 Location: Adelaide (Mitcham) Contact: PM or 0434 724 288
  4. Still for sale, NOW $1,000 as the rear drum has locked up. Could be a spring, could be worse.
  5. I'd prefer to answer the questions through my phone. Bumpers are in good condition - dash, few cracks. Zero, please ring me if you are interested. Abbott is right, i am trying to check in more now.
  6. $1,400 Location: Mitcham Shopping Centre Phone: 0434 724 288 Please call me regarding the car.
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