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  1. I can help you out for a pair of King Springs?
  2. Cars are cool like this - I finally make up my mind to get new springs all around for this car but then it becomes haunted. Was driving in the city the other day until it just conked out on my when the clutch was in (changing to third) Then it wouldn't start but would turn over... My fuel gauge said i had a 1/4 of a tank but the glass section on the carby said zero fuel. My fuel pump, filter and everything else was fine, not clogged or whatnot. After 10 heroic passing people solved all the 'maybe' problems with my car, i rang the RAA. He got there and told me i was out of fuel.. which i still disagree with. We got it started and i almost drove home.. got within 5 mins and it started conking out again... Could it be something to do with the float in the carb?
  3. I love how ke30's just fit the pushy in the back seat :thumbsup:
  4. I bet Deryl loved it! looks good nick.
  5. I will keep an eye out for someone wearing your clothes and reppin' tunes.
  6. Is someone sorting out why we can't PM certain people? They are mainly new members who haven't been aloud to accept or send Personal Messages... It makes selling a car rather hard because personal information can not be kept private. Please fix this.
  7. haha, i hope that isn't an ''uh-oh'' moment :wub:
  8. paint bolt/washer the same colour as the door card.
  9. Haha, all good Luke. I've heard similar by people who knew it was my car. I thought it would happen when i sold it to him but hoped he'd look after it. Funny how you want what don't have anymore... I want all of my cars back :D
  10. I'm under the impression i'm running RA60 struts with a ke30 top hat. " If you are running straight RA60 both top and bottom then you need RA60 springs. " haha...really? :P EDIT: Thanks though!
  11. smeetsy1


    I saw the same guy going down goodwood road a few days ago.. Dark metallic paint with dark wheels.
  12. So really, i need springs made for ke30 struts because of the strut tops rather than the strut itself... Or do i need springs made for the RA60 strut?
  13. smeetsy1


    break free? Oh-KE - Last friday, i saw you park your wagon in the city but did you come into TEDS (camera store) ??
  14. Can anyone answer this - Will Kings Springs which are meant for a ke70 panel van fit into RA60 struts? Thanks, Will.
  15. pretty amazing stuff... such a boring yet exciting car!
  16. oh my lord, that looks amazing. great show! the blue/aqua 26 is my favourite.
  17. A bit short of a stab there luke, just a stir to get some answers from you. I was hoping you would tell me how nice the 20 is in comparison. The age comment was mainly based on i'm only 18 and that i have many years to go until i can get my hands on a ke1X rather than yours. Anyway, take whatever i said lightly as i didn't mean to upset you...
  18. you're so bitchy luke. i am 18, how old are you?
  19. you're mad to sell the 11 for a 20...
  20. The recent pictures changed my opinion of this car. Yes it's clean, but i don't like it's look now. Can't quite put my finger on it... Maybe whitewalls don't need to be on every car? I also think the silver is too bright, i would have chosen charcoal... but, what does it matter, it's your car. Keen to see your choice of wheel.
  21. haha, i love these! always think they are a corolla when driving at night. the front lights and grill are so close!
  22. smeetsy1


    Most probably him, he's a good mate of mine. PM him, he might want to sell it.
  23. shift-lockers... what a joke... no-one told me when i got my car, ha. i like/want this :wink:
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