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  1. Ke2X Strut Brace - Sa ***$100***

    SOLD Please delete
  2. Wtb: Ke1X Front Guards

    WTB: KE1x front guards looking for a pair in good/excellent condition with little or no rust. Adelaide SA but will pay postage for interstate items
  3. ***REDUCED $100*** Adelaide - SA Campbelltowm KE strut brace to suit KE2x I had this on my KE20 but have test fitted it to my KE11 and it fits (width/strut bore) but will need holes redrilled to suit. I would assume it would also fit later model KExx's, you are welcome to test fit if you are in SA Sprayed black, could do with a respray if your fussy. Picture of it in this thread http://www.rollaclub...20-strut-brace/ $200 Will post at buyers expense, I would say $30 roughly to anywhere Aus wide. I don't get on here much anymore so please be patient, I will get back to you. Cheers, Ryan
  4. 4Agte Ke70 Drift Ute

    lights like that wont last long on a drift car..... Id use stock lights with little metal mesh covers you see on trucks/trailers ;)
  5. Ke20 13Bt

    Have a look through my build thread, pages and pages worth of use(less) information.
  6. 1jz Ke55

    Resubscribing to thread! Top Notch Work.
  7. Ke55 Coupe Parts

    \ ???? Can I stress now?? This is becoming beyond a yoke! Still no parts, still no contact from seller! BUYERS BEWARE!!!
  8. 13Bt_Ke20's Ride

    Yup, NOT FOR SALE ITEM really. Ive tried selling before and could not bring myself to let it go! Just buying, collecting and WAITING on parts. a certain fellow rollaclub member has stuffed me around with parts for over 8 weeks now. Its holding me up on doing my front end suspension/brake set-up so I can get the car rolling. I still have a "To Do List" about a mile long but the ones at the top for now are, mock up my new FMIC and alloy radiator, rewire under the dash and fix some of my engine wiring loom that my dog ATE while i had to store the car in my backyard outside for a short time wont make that mistake again! He loved the thick guage battery cable lol Cheers, Ryan
  9. Ke55 Coupe Parts

    Phil it has now been another 3 weeks and I am yet to hear from you or see my parts which were paid for over 6 weeks ago now. Not very impressed! Ryan.
  10. Ke55 Coupe Parts

    EDIT: contacted by seller Thanks you, Ryan
  11. 300Rwkw In Ke20

    looks awesome, you just need a new pair of front headlights (complete sealed beam replacements are only like $100/pair) to tidy up the front end. Rest of the car looks great, when are the back wheels going on??? Cheers
  12. Ke55 Coupe Parts

    Chasing LCA, let me know if you can help. Cheers
  13. Wrecking Ke55 Sedan (Parts List Added!)

    Any KE30/55 Lower conrtol arms? Cheers